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Three Strikes? You’re Donated!

Three Strikes You're Donated! at

This shirt.

This shirt.

Do you hear the contempt?

This shirt has been in my laundry pile THREE WEEKS IN A ROW.


Ooo-hoo-hoo. I can not properly express the loathing I feel toward clean clothes found in my dirty clothes pile.

It is one of my Mommy Pet Peeves.

I know that I used to do it to my own mother, but really . . . it is the worst.

Little else makes me feel so unappreciated.

I purchased that boys’ tank in a 3-pack last Christmas when my kids needed to make a modest costume change for our church play. It was the cheapest way to go.

But my boys don’t wear those kinds of shirts. Somehow, the gray one ended up in the dirty clothes three Mondays ago. I washed it.I put it away.

Then the next Monday, it was back in the pile.

I grumbled. I put it back in the drawer.

But when I found it BACK in the pile of dirty clothes this week . . . I’d had enough. Anything that is unloved enough to end up on the floor UNworn three weeks in a row needs to go.

So it’s gone.

Three strikes? You’re donated!


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