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Saying Goodbye to An Old Friend

Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend at

This old friend turned up recently.

I had missed her.

We reminisced about those days after my babies were born. The days when I depended on her to give me my space.

She’s comfortable.

She’s always been faithful.

But honestly . . . she’s hideous.

I don’t even know where she had been hiding the past few years. I hadn’t seen her in a while, and honestly . . . I had forgotten all about her.

Though there was a time in my life when I needed her softness and her familiarity, I’ve moved on. I’ve replaced her with someone who complements my shape a little more.

Or at least at all.

I held her in my arms one last time.

And I threw her in the trash.

A few days later, I can say that I have moved on. I’m learning to not miss her.

And my husband . . . ? He definitely doesn’t miss her.

Not one little bit.



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Podcast 006 – Don’t Get Organized! Just Declutter

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Podcast #6 is ready!

It just hit me that this means I’ve been podcasting for six weeks now! (Remember, I have Time Passage Awareness Disorder.)

In this week’s podcast, I share the second reason why I am glad that I called myself a slob. I also tell about my shock when I learned that I was NOT the only woman out there who struggled with housekeeping like I did.

For this week’s decluttering inspiration, I talk about how it is okay (even helpful) to let yourself JUST declutter instead of organizing. This is a concept that took a long time for me to understand, but it has helped me so much.

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