007 – Containers and Limits and How They’ll Change Your Life!

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Podcast #7 is up!


In this podcast, I discuss the reactions I get when others find out about my blog (which is basically when they find out about my deep, dark secret!)

I also share how finally grasping the concepts of limits and containers

was a huge step in my deslobification process.

Other things mentioned:

28 Days to Hope for Your Home – an e-book not for the mildly disorganized

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  1. 1

    I hadn’t listened to any of your podcasts previously because they generally popped up on my RSS feed when I was busy with other stuff. I now know how to listen to them. Today, I hit play and tidied up my main living space as my toddler finished her breakfast.

    I’ll be catching up on your podcast as I clean over the next week (or so).

  2. 2

    I struggle with being a slob as well. I also live with my 21 yr old son who is a slob. So we have two Linus pigpens under one roof. We walk through a room and things levitate and fall onto the floor.

    I love your blog because it is “real”. Keep on keeping on!

  3. 4

    I found your blog a few months ago and I look forward to reading your posts everyday! I’m LOVING the podcasts. I listen to them as I fold laundry. Keep it up…..please!!

  4. 5

    Nony, I loved this. I have been on my own deslobification journey for many years now. I’ve been married for almost 30 years, and most of that time I’ve been somewhere on the roller coaster of it. I have all the Messies Manuals and several of Don Aslett’s books, I was one of the first ones to join the Slob Sisters computer forum, I knew Fly Lady back before she was Fly Lady, and I have tried a zillion books, gadgets, and systems. It’s been a lifelong journey, and I STILL can’t say that it’s over, but I certainly have made a lot of progress over the years. I will never be a Cleanie, but my house stays reasonable, for the most part. I have a *Very* simplified cleaning schedule which usually actually gets done, I work at organizing and getting rid of excess, and I frequently put things away after use. ๐Ÿ™‚ I still don’t see clutter most of the time (my visual filter is very efficient) but I work at it. I even have a planner which I actually use, though I did have to make my own. All the ones I found had too many things on them and made me feel guilty for not using all of it.
    Anyhooo, all that to say that I really get where you’re coming from and where you are. I admire the fact that you can establish a website that actually gets traffic and makes money (I had visions of that, but maybe I’m just too old? ๐Ÿ™‚ ) AND can do home projects at the same time. Keep on keeping on. Maybe, just maybe, we can help each other. And btw, I loved what you said about containers. I’m a bit of a geek about word roots, and the relationship to containing a fire–too cool! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. 7

    Wow… great listening to you… what a great husband you have too. I like the way you didn’t tell people and made it your own thing. I’m starting to do that and it makes me feel like it is my thing… and before it was me trying to get everyone else to there thing. I’m more in control and realizing a lot of the stuff that is laying around is mine too.

    Thank you!!

  6. 8

    When you said how supportive and excited your husband and mum were for you my eyes leaked just a little (ok, a lot).

  7. 9

    ๐Ÿ™ my sister says the same things if i share blogs or groups that provide inspiration to me.

  8. 10

    Thank you for sharing these podcasts! I’ve heard the container/one-in-one-out concept before but didn’t really understand it either. When you mentioned your sock drawer, a light bulb went on! My sock drawer, although neatly divided with containers and even arranged by type of sock, is overflowing! (I hate opening that drawer!) An organizational system is in place, but there are just way too many socks. ๐Ÿ™‚ I can see where I’ve done similar things all over my house. Thank you for explaining that containers are there to set limits. I am excited about putting this concept into practice!

  9. 12

    Still working on implementing this one. I keep looking for loop holes, like ‘I just haven’t found the right shaped container yet.’ As if that will magically allow everything to fit.

  10. 13

    I started listening to your podcast at one or two episodes per day, and you’ve given me some new ideas to think about, so thank you. But when I heard you mention the cookbooks and how you should only keep the socks or books or whatever things that are your favorites, I immediately thought of Marie Kondo’s method of tidying, where you only keep the things that bring you joy. She is a naturally tidy person, and I love the concept behind her method, but implementing it has been difficult. But you are not a naturally tidy person, which makes your methods more accessible to me. You ask yourself the same question (“Does this make me happy?”), but you get there in a way that makes me think that maybe I can get there, too. Time will tell. What I can say now is that I very much appreciate you sharing your experiences to help other slobs like me!

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