Podcast 004 – The First Decluttering Question (Of Only Two)

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My 4th podcast is now live!

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In Podcast #4 I shared Part Four of my Slob Story. I also gave the first of my two decluttering questions, explaining the reasons behind such simple questions.

Things mentioned in the podcast:

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My two decluttering questions

Stuffing My Clutter

Fighting Forgetfulness – Giveaway with products from Post-it and Scotch Brand.

Wonky Photos – 2 Second Task

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    messee mami says:

    I’m where you were four years ago, and I want to be where you are now, now!

  2. 2

    I have really been enjoying your podcasts. I think your story is fascinating and I’m not looking forward to that segment being finished!

    Our houses aren’t at the same level of chaos, but it still amazes me how much our brains work in similar ways.

  3. 3

    I really enjoy your podcasts. I listen to them as I do my dishes! So nice to know I’m not the only one who struggles with keeping the house clean!

  4. 4

    Omgosh! You are an answer to a prayer. This morning, I said a prayer to God that he would help me, yet again, attempt to conquer this overwhelming monster, which is my house, the unfinished projects which I began, but being distracted away, got left to a rainy day, which got put off and put off, because life happens, which ultimately added to the mess. I prayed for at least strength and direction. I know how to clean, although I am not wired to be a natural cleaner. I have even begun to enjoy organizing, although not born with it. I feel like after many years of effort I even improved to a point that I had a routine where things were at least somewhat in order, but then, all things hit at once a couple of years ago and I have never quite gotten back on my feet. I think I never really fully recovered from the upheaval that planning my daughter’s wedding two years ago would start (in other words, turning my house upside-down to redecorate) to make room for guests, all the while dealing with the increased symptoms of Lupus. In addition, being a stay-at home mom of teenage kids, I also work from home as an artist and the demands for my work increased dramatically. It has taken a lot more time running a growing business, producing more work (oil paintings), and preparing for art shows (which is of course, more fun than cleaning), included managing all the increased amount of materials coming into my house, equipment, shipping materials, having to build crates for paintings, has become an uncontrolled beast. Even with art assistants it is hard to manage. To be honest with myself, I am embarrassed to have assistants come in and help me because I have to clean my studio, which is in the basement, to even have them come in. It feels like every time I begin a painting, I seriously have to reorganize my studio, because it is like creating a movie set each time, then packing it all up and putting it away, costumes, lights, backdrops. It’s like someone took my studio, shook it up, and left it after every photo shoot. Your Ebay room is like my studio, although my studio has places for everything, well… used to, but I seem to be acquiring more equipment. It’s just such a major production every time I do a shoot! So in short, with less time to devote to the rest of the house, I have reverted back to my older days when I was so NOT so clean, because I have not been able to get back on my feet from events that began a couple of years ago from wedding, to health problems, to growing business. I haven’t been able to get the traction I used to so precariously hold, not being a natural cleaner. I even have been decluttering for months, but even starting and stopping and starting that process always opens a can of messy worms! And when I get distracted away from it, it has left a mess! So listening to your podcasts is a revelation about myself, and that I am not alone. You are an answer to a prayer. You see, I am not afraid of the work, just that I need a little encouragement and direction on where to begin, once again. And to hear that this is something you have to work on every day, that it is a process is heartening. It indeed is a gift that you have, to communicate these things! Thank you for keeping it real. Thank you for listening to God about doing your blog about this topic. At the very minimum, you are an answer to my own personal prayers. I can do this! I know, and hearing your encouragement and honest stories gives me courage. I have been cleaning as I have been listening to them!

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