Normal Days Don’t Happen Often (or Soup Isn’t Picnic Food)

I’m excited to let you know that I have been chosen to serve on the writing team at The Busy Mom with Heidi St. John!

Normal Days Don't Happen Often (or Soup Isn't Picnic Food) - A Slob Comes Clean

It was suggested that we write a “normal day” type post today as we’re introduced. I totally planned to do that, but then this week happened.

Not a normal day to be found.

Which is pretty much normal for us. 

I had totally planned to share cute and funny pictures.

Cute: My daughter making meatballs while I browned ten pounds of ground beef.

Cooking with My Daughter at

Funny: “I’m that mom you don’t want to get behind in the school pick-up line. The one whose son plays the tuba!”

Don't Get Behind Me in the School Pick-Up Line

But really, these pictures tell it best:

Soup Is Not Portable at

Yes. That’s my hilarious husband eating soup in the car.

What’s that? You’re confused? You thought that since I’m the lady with all the picnic recipes I’d come up with something a little more portable than soup?

Apparently, that’s what he thought as well.  (As seen in his I’m-making-funny-faces-because-this-is-ridiculous pictures.)

Basically, my normal right now is trying to figure out our new normal. Our new normal involves me traveling to help my in-laws (who are in their 80s) one day a week. This “normal” means that on the night before, it only makes sense for me to make double of what I’m taking for them.

This week, that was potato soup. When the lady who just had oral surgery wants potato soup, she gets potato soup.

Even if that means Hubby has to eat soup in the car on the way to our kickball game.

Yes. Our kickball game. Our adult, coed kickball game.

Also . . . not normal.

--Nony get-how-to-manage-your-home-without-losing-your-mind-wherever-books-are-sold


  1. 1

    Cute. I feel a little more normal now.

  2. 2

    You people are great! Thanks for the blog!

  3. 3

    Not normal here, either. My sister had a breakdown and I had to sign commitment papers, then take her things to the hospital., etc. I have the most random bad-things-showing-up-at-my-doorstep days of anyone I know. I can give you references! It’s been this way for years. Don’t you think that contributes to us being slobs?

    I mean, I have taken care of my dad dying, with cancer, my mom in my home, almost 5 years with Alzheimer’s, had my nephew’s two daughters for 2 1/2 years, my brother when he died, and this sister through breakdowns since I was 18. Most recently, my daughter and 2 granddaughters moved home from November until May of this year. My home by necessity was last on the list. Here it is almost October and my house is still not in order. Only by the grace of God am I still sane.

    I have a closet full of crafts and sewing I want to do, but never do. I think I should get rid of it, but it’s like a piece of my identity I hang on to. I feel like I have given up so much, and I really do love those pictures laying on the dresser that haven’t gotten hung on the wall yet. Why do we get so emotionally attached to our stuff? And how do we get going again sooner after the crisis has passed? I feel like I’ve been catatonic since Monday and I can’t be, my son’s wedding is October 6th and I’m supposed to be cooking, and getting things ready. Help!!!

    • 4

      I resemble this remark. Maybe that is why we are slobs, and our house is always chaotic. Our LIVES are chaotic. (also why I love this website!!) In the last 2 weeks , we have had….4-4h meetings, my son’s b-day party, my nephews b-day party, a football game, fighting with my son’s school to allow his therapist on the premises, trying to get him on disability, a parent teacher night, a school parents night (different schools), a girl scouts meeting, a court date, a part going out on the car, not to mention the run to the store for groceries, athletic shorts, birthday party stuff, oh…and paying bills, signing school work (3 kids) homework, church (Sundays and Wednesdays) and one night I decided to help jump start doing laundry mountain by going to the laundry mat. (I have been at home for a total of 1 hour today-fixing to have to jump off here and get kids off the bus, snack, let them play while I try and straighten up a little, then get ready to go to a birthday party at 5… One day I too hope to have an hour free to get to my crafts!!! I swear if I could have a full day of staying home without kids (and 4 dogs lol) I could get a lot done! No going anywhere or doing anything.

  4. 5

    Normal isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Normal is boring (though there is something to be said for some good old-fashioned boring sometimes). Yum to your potato soup. Since fall is kinda/sorta here in Michigan now, I’m going to have to make a pot of that. I may also have to look into snowball pizzas and walking tacos (which kind of brings to mind phrases like walking dead…). Anyway, love the pictures. 🙂

  5. 6

    I love the idea of adult kickball! Glad you are adjusting to the new normal….until normal changes again. 🙂

    • 7

      I want to play on an Adult / coed Kick ball team… Maybe once a year, but definitely now a week to week thing… Lol

      Thanks for the thought!

  6. 8

    I LOVE the blue vases in your kitchen window area, and I can SEE them. I’d envision that area (behind the sink) being a catchall in my house, not a decorating area. (and I don’t like clutter).

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