The Messy Fridge Makeover (Using Fun New Products from the Home Collection by Post-it Brand and Scotch Brand)

The following decluttering/organizing project is a sponsored post:

The Messy Fridge Makeover Using New Products from Post It and The Container Store at

How is it that the single largest object in my kitchen somehow becomes invisible to me?

School is about to start. (Blech.)

Soon, we’ll start collecting random notes and reminders to stick on the fridge, so it was time to look at it with fresh eyes and remove last year’s random notes and reminders.

I also had the added motivation of some lovely (and fun) new products sent to me recently from the Home Collection by Post-it Brand and Scotch Brand. This particular collection is available at The Container Store, and the products definitely made me start daydreaming about a prettier and more organized fridge to start the new school year. 

New Home Collection from Post-It at

My goal was to clear off the fridge, decide what actually needed to be there, and use some of these products to help me avoid re-cluttering it so quickly!

Before Picture of My Refrigerator Decluttering Project at

First, I took everything off.

Second, I cleaned the fridge. It’s harder to ignore fingerprints when all the stuff is gone.

Then it was time to decide what to pitch and what to keep.

Decisions Decisions from the Fridge Makeover at ASlobComesClean.comOut of all that was on there, only three things made it into the Put Back On the Fridge Category.  I “filed” things I didn’t want to throw away (but that didn’t deserve a permanent place on the fridge).

(Filed = Put in the bottom drawer of my china cabinet.)

The vast majority, though, was trash. Flyers for camps that already happened, charts for resolutions that fizzled long ago, and Mother’s Day gifts.

What? I trashed Mother’s Day gifts???

Ummm, yes. I’m all for homemade gifts. And I do treasure things my kids pour their hearts and souls into. But . . . paper butterflies that were mostly created by a teacher and then glued together as a class project? They don’t make the cut. 

I’m not heartless, people!  Mother’s Day was in MAY and it’s now AUGUST!! They had their day, but don’t deserve a place of honor (or precious fridge space) for years to come.

Now for the fun part: Using my new organizing products!

After Decluttering the Fridge at

On the front of the fridge, I used a Scotch Display Frame to put up one of my favorite fridge photos. (I love how the photo is protected, but can be easily changed out when a new favorite comes home.) I also used the Post-it Planner & Perforated List Pad on the front. I think this pad will be ideal for meal and general week-planning, with a tear-off-able shopping list at the side!

Somehow my to do lists and shopping lists are always getting jumbled together. I like the idea of them being together, but not.

And then, my very-favorite thing? The Scotch Restickable Display Strip.

Scotch Restickable Display Strip at

During the decluttering process, I did have a DUH moment when I realized all the pieces of paper with so-and-so’s Mom’s phone numbers were unnecessary if I just PUT THE NUMBERS INTO MY PHONE.

But . . . there are still random things I can’t imagine NOT putting up on the fridge.

Like birthday party invitations.

It’s just . . . where they go. The Scotch Display Strip is perfect for this. First of all, no magnets are necessary. It sticks to the fridge (even my stainless steel one), and the cards stick to it.

And, best of all, it provides one of my ever-so-necessary limits! A definite (and finite) space means that as a new invitation comes in, my brain will register that it’s time to pull off and throw away the old ones.

After decluttering, the side-of-the-fridge was almost empty. I decided it was the perfect spot for some of my favorite products.

Dry Erase Boards on the Fridge by Post-It at ASlobComesClean

The Post-it Dry Erase Message Center and Dry Erase Planner are directly across from the drawer with my dry erase markers.

I put my nagging to do list on the Dry Erase Message Center and used the Dry Erase Planner to map out our week. Obviously, my daughter loves this idea because she added “Clen my room” as soon as she saw this new set-up. I will NOT be erasing that one!

The Big Fridge Makeover at

It looks so much better now. My daughter asked if we got a new fridge!

I’m excited to start the school year fresh, and to hopefully keep it less cluttered by having some new tools in place.

What do you think? And I’d love to hear your ideas for using some of these new products. What would you plan on the Post-it Planner and Perforated List Pad? How would you use the Dry Erase Message Center?

And FYI, I did move things around to experiment.  Any marks were easily cleaned off with my stainless steel cleaner.


This post is sponsored by Post-it Brand and Scotch Brand. I was sent these products to use, and was paid for my time. The opinions, experiences, messy fridge, and tendency to keep invitations for parties that happened last year? Those are all mine.

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  1. 1

    I so need something like this. I love that sticky strip. no more magnets to lose and then freak out because that baby will find them and eat them and choke. Yes that happens frequently. You have also inspired me to clean off my fridge today. I will look for that sticky strip and possibly the dry erase boards the next time I am at the store. Thanks for the great post. I love that kind of stuff.

  2. 2

    I love these! My fridge is still covered in alphabet magnets that go in the Leap Frog contraption that teaches your kids the alphabet….my kids are in Kindergarten & 2nd grade so I think we could probably let that thing go now 🙂 I’m going to definitely look for the dry erase boards and the sticky strip. I need something to put our schedules where the whole family can see them !

  3. 3

    I’m caught up and reading in real time now!
    I’m seeing everyone’s “command centers” etc. and trying to figure out what would work for us….
    I think some of those products would help….as would getting rid of those magnet letters on the fridge (does anyone’s children use those for anything but skating across the kitchen floor or are mine the only heathens?)
    I think I’m stumped b/c I hate to spend money on something that then becomes clutter when I don’t use it.
    I have a binder w/ the school calendars, handbooks, etc. in it, but I don’t have control of general paper. I like the sticky strip idea for invitations….just thinking out loud here.

  4. 4

    I just glanced over at my fridge and I see a Mother’s Day card hanging there…..not sure if it’s from 2013 or 2012…thinking it’s time to pitch it! LOL Might possibly go clean off my fridge as well..then of course I will have to clean the rest of the kitchen to match it. And that will lead to the dining room because the kitchen will make the dining room look so bad. Then after the kitchen and the dining room I couldn’t possibly leave the living room in such disarray! PHEW! I’m tired just thinking of it….not so sure I want to attack that fridge just yet, I don’t know if I have the energy for it 😉

  5. 5

    Ran out at lunch and bought the Scotch Display Strip I got the blue wave one. Also got the sticky-notes that wrap around your purse strap (since I’m forever taping sticky-notes to my purse so I don’t forget things). Not cheap, but good products! $8 for the strip and $4 for a package of the notes. Somehow I still spent $50+ at the Container Store, but that’s just b/c I walked in there!

  6. 7

    I so need to do my fridge.

    I think it’ll be next Wednesday’s task… As it is the kids first day of school

  7. 8

    I am sad and glad at the same time that there isn’t a container store nearby. I could get myself in serious trouble there. but I really like these!!! and my fridge is a garbled mess……hm

  8. 9
    Barb Schmalz says:

    my refrigator is covered in magnets. How do I declutter them so I can have clean look?

    • 10

      Try taking them all off and placing them in a box or drawer. Then, only pull one out when you need it to hang something up. After a few weeks, this will help you see how many you actually need.

  9. 11

    I’m working on decluttering my e-mail and came across one from Post-It with your name and link to your refrigerator project. Very cool!

  10. 12

    Nice ideas and helps teach organization! Please use editting marks to teach correct spelling (clen/clean), too. Clean needs the “a” to get an “A” for the effort of cleaning! No “A” if the job is incomplete! 😉

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