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A Creature of (the Wrong) Habit at

I thought of talking about how refilling the hand-soap dispenser is a two-second task.

Not that it’s actually done in two seconds. More like thirty.

Which still isn’t much.  It definitely doesn’t require blocking off three hours of my busy schedule like my brain tends to think it should.

This perfectly-good, perfectly-refillable soap dispenser had been lost in the clutter near my kitchen sink for . . . umm . . . a while.  I did know it was there, I just never re-filled it until my recent kitchen recovery. 

But this post really isn’t about this soap dispenser, it’s about the one in my bathroom.

I HAD to refill that one.

I had to refill the one in the bathroom about a month after it ran out of soap.

No, I didn’t go a month without using soap! (Ewwww.)

I just walked the extra six steps over to Hubby’s sink and used HIS soap.

Because he had soap.

And I didn’t.

And somehow six extra steps times four-to-six times a day (at least . . . I drink a LOT of water!) for at least a month was less effort than re-filling my own dispenser with the jug-o-soap that was sitting directly under MY sink.

But do you know what?

Now that I have soap in mine, I still . . . OUT OF HABIT . . . walk to his sink.

And then walk back to mine.

Y’know. Since his soap is now gone.

Which is (let’s be honest) the only reason I ended up refilling mine.

Please. No questions on why I didn’t refill his too.

I have no answers.


--Nony get-how-to-manage-your-home-without-losing-your-mind-wherever-books-are-sold


  1. 1

    We might live in the same house. I do stuff like this more often than I want to admit.

  2. 2

    There is a reason I stock up on soap at Bath and Body Works hand soap sale. Pick a new scent and throw it on the counter, kitchen sink etc. I admitted defeat. 🙂

  3. 3

    I’m speechless… someone else in the world does the same things I do!
    I typically walk to hubby’s sink because mine is full… of hair junk, makeup, whatever. At this point it is a “storage bin” more than a sink!
    Bless you for sharing. I love knowing I am not alone in my clutter brain. 🙂

  4. 5

    OMGosh….we all live in the same house…where’s the spy camera?? I am horrible about refilling hand soap dispensers or vaccumming…I did unload and load the dishwasher today so far….yeah me…just need to finish it off and turn it on….ugh

  5. 6

    I usually pull out the big refill container and use that . . . . just one time in a pinch . . . and it stays out a few days until messing with the big container is more annoying than taking the time to refill the little bottle. LOL.

  6. 7

    How about filling all dispensers (even the ones that are almost full) on bathroom day?

  7. 10

    Jenny already suggested what I was going to.

    Fortunately that’s not one of my problems. Of course I’m pretty OCD about hand germs so I wash my hands more than most people. It helps that I started keeping disposable rubber and food service gloves to use for a boatload of chores so I’ve cut back from about fifty times a day to maybe fifteen or so. I won’t own up to the fact that I’ve been doing this for about ten years though. Nope. I’m keeping that part a secret.

    For my soap dispensers (I use the foaming kind), I put about two inches of peroxide in, followed by about two inches of cucumber melon soap, then fill with water and shake like mad. The soap lasts a whole lot longer, saving a little money in the process, plus I feel like my hands are cleaner with the peroxide added. No, it doesn’t make my hands a bit drier either. 🙂

  8. 11

    Good grief! Are you living at my house or something? LOL I’ve done this too. 🙂

  9. 12

    I think you simply use to much soup, ha ha. Go without and you have no refiling problems anymore 😉

  10. 13

    So today I went to wash my hands after using the rest room and our bathroom soap dispenser was just about out of soap (to the point where I could get two droplets or unscrew the top and pour soap out)… and I thought of this post. And I thought, hmm… what would it be like to NOT have a soap dispenser with the lid off for three days while we drained every last drop of soap out of it? To not walk into the kitchen to wash my hands when it was all out? Because, seriously, I’ve done this when we had refill soap under the sink…
    And right then and there, I went under the sink and pulled out our big jug of soap and refilled it. It took 20 seconds.
    And we now have a full bottle of hand soap.

  11. 15

    Filling ALL the soap dispensers in the house is my son’s chore. Fill them all back up to the top. He is also in charge of making sure there are 3 extra rolls of toilet paper in every bathroom. Great chores for the younger set!

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