Tell ‘Em Mama Does Laundry on Mondays

Mama Does Laundry On Mondays

A few weeks ago, my daughter came home in some odd-fitting uniform slacks.

Honestly, though, as a not-so-terribly-observant-about-such-things mother, it didn’t really register until she handed me a plastic shopping bag full of clothes to wash.

Then she proceeded to tell me how there had been an unfortunate accident at school.  I knew that (thankfully) it wasn’t that kind of accident since this is my child who was potty-trained more than five years ago after ONE accident. Seriously. She couldn’t/can’t handle even slightly damp clothes.

No, she had fallen/sat/swished by a puddle or something.

Anyway, my rule-following girl proceeded to tell me the nurse’s instructions about how we needed to bring back the borrowed clothes the following Monday after we washed them.

And I said, “Tell ’em Mama does laundry on Mondays.”  Maybe not with quite the twang I hear in my head when writing it, but that’s what I said.

And I wasn’t even lying.

Or procrastinating.

Or hoping.

I do.  I do laundry on Mondays.  It was a strange/nice/odd feeling to say it with such confidence, knowing that on Monday, those clothes would get washed along with every other item of clothing in the house.

Now remembering to return the clothes?  That’s a different story.

And once again . . . cue the promotion of the Ultimate E-book Bundle that’s available (only) this week. I know some of you LOOOOVE lists.

I like them, I just generally lose them . . .

Anyway, I thought this post would be a good transition into talking about some e-books in the bundle that include awesome lists.

Look at this one by List Planit:

List Planit Example from Ultimate Homemaking E-book Bundle

It made me giggle.  I’m not laughing AT it.  I’m actually laughing at myself.  I . . . ahem . . . struggle with getting things returned.

Though I’m proud to say that by Thursday of the next week, those borrowed clothes were back to the nurse!

But really, if you’re a list lover, you’ll LOVE List Planit’s eplanner that’s included in the sale, AND one of the “freebies” is from them as well. Organizing Life as Mom also has tons of lists as well.  The printable lists in both of those e-books are editable, meaning you can type into them.  Very cool.

And, even though the lists aren’t editable in Getting it Together: Your Guide to Setting Up a Home Management System that Works, I love how she has pre-made pages you can fill out and use for a Home Management Binder, which many people swear by.

Not me of course, as I would lose the entire binder, but other people.

By the way, the value of just those three e-books is 17.99, which makes the 29.97-for-all-97-e-books a little more justifiable.


Oh, and this post most DEFINITELY contains affiliate links. Definitely. 



  1. 1
    Amanda says:

    I love my home management binder! I mean, when I can find it, I love it. Seriously, creating a home management binder was very helpful to me. It allowed me to view homemaking as a college course. I can do college; homemaking? not so much. Putting the binder together helped me create lists for cleaning, Bible reading, homeschool, etc. I do not look at it daily, but it is helpful.

  2. 2

    I need a list of all the lists I’m working on. Although, I’d probably lose that, too. It goes back to knowing what does (and doesn’t) work for me.

  3. 3
    Rosemary says:

    I love lists, so will enjoy making the most of the ones in the bundle. Yes, you sold me on it. And of course, I read 28 days to hope for the home the day I bought it. OK it was the second book I read not the first, but I did read it that day. (And yes, after I read it, I went and did the dishes.)
    I make lists for just about everything, and I also lose most of the lists I make. It;s still worth making them though, because the mere fact of sitting down to think about what I have to do, and then taking the time to write it down helps me to remember the things even if I do lose the list.
    Alternatively, many lists are kept online / on the computer which I don’t tend to lose.

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