The Party Was a Success!

I took a nap today.

And I didn’t feel one teeny-tiny bit bad about that.

Thanks for the encouragement last week as I tackled Project Home Recovery. Friday was spent vacuuming and party prepping.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love throwing parties? Evidently, I’ve passed that love down to my daughter.


She didn’t just want chocolate-dipped strawberries at her party, she wanted to dip them herself.  I love seeing the joy as she gets from doing things for others.

And the biggest excitement? The house was done the day before, and everything else was done . . . thirty minutes before the party even started.

Yay for a last-minute party not feeling last-minute!


And just for fun, I had to share these flip-flop cookies. How cute are those?  Here are the EASY instructions I used.


  1. Yay!
    Love it when a party comes together …and then after the fact, you can say “it was a success”
    Especially those parties that just don’t seem to come together easily, or they are last minute, or…Well, you know.
    the flip-flop cookies are too cute.
    I’ll have to pin these for party ideas!


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