Master Bedroom Saga

Decluttering a VERY Messy Master Bedroom

Last August, I overhauled my master bedroom.

Big time.

Here’s the complete saga, all together, so you can watch the videos all in one place.  (There are also links to each of the blog posts in the series.)

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The Master Bedroom Saga: Part One

Master Bedroom Saga: Part Two (Decluttering a Bedroom)

Master Bedroom Saga: Part Three (Nony Gets Discouraged)

Master Bedroom Saga: Part 4 (The Dresser . . . Again)

Decluttering: The Master Bedroom Saga Part Five (Getting EVERYthing Out!)

The Master Bedroom Saga Part SIX: Clutter is Gone(ish), It’s Time to Clean!


The Master Bedroom Saga: Part Seven – Rearranging Furniture


The Master Bedroom Saga: Putting Stuff Back (Part 8)


The Master Bedroom Saga: Hubby Declutters (Part 9)

The Master Bedroom Saga: Part 10

The Master Bedroom Saga: Series Finale



  1. 1

    Hooray! All in one glorious spot! Thank you.

  2. 2

    Nony, your honesty and willingness to be transparent give such hope and encouragement! You are so much like me in your “deslobification” struggles that I finally realize I’m not a lost cause. I just need to KEEP working at it. For so long I’ve felt like there was something wrong with me because being clutter free doesn’t come naturally to me like it seems to for so many other “normal” people. Clutter just seems to spring up around me. You’ve helped simplify the decluttering process for me so I can get a handle on it. Even though the battle will never end because it doesn’t come naturally, at least I don’t feel hopeless anymore. And my master bedroom along with the master bath are probably the worst areas, maybe because they don’t usually get seen by other people so they get put way down on the list of priorities. Thank you!

  3. 4
    Angel Lambert says:

    YES! Thank you so much for showing this. I have been de-cluttering my home with the help of friends online in a homemakers group on facebook. They are SUCH dears and are helpful and encouraging without being condescending or flat-out mean. And they say words like “could” or “maybe” or “what if” rather than “should” and “never” and “always.” I love those girls. I hope you have friends like this to help you as well!!

  4. 5

    Don’t throttle me for asking, but did you ever rehang your curtains in there? And I’m really only asking because I took mine down two months ago and washed them…and they aren’t back up. LOL

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