Dear Husband . . . I’m Sorry.

Dear Husband,

I’m sorry about the wet shirt.

I really was kind of proud of myself when I put it in the washing machine this morning.  It was early, and I was glad that the load with your coach’s shirt was totally going to be finished before you needed to wear it tonight.

Yes.  I do feel a little bit guilty that my cheer coach’s shirt was dry and ready for my own pictures.

I’m extra sorry that it didn’t register what you meant when you texted me a reminder about tonight’s pictures.  I thought I was doing good to have all of the kids’ uniforms out and ready.

I’m not going to make an excuse.  I could ramble on about how I was doing really important stuff for our kids’ school and for our church all day today.

I could distract you by bragging about how awesome I am for learning how to set the delayed start on our new oven so there would be a hot-and-bubbling casserole ready to eat when we got home after the pictures.

I could talk about how I obviously meant to do it since the dryer was actually empty, ready to receive and dry the load with your shirt in it.

I’m sorry.  Really sorry.

But I also want to thank you.

Thank you for loving me, even when you’re annoyed and uncomfortable in your wet, blue shirt.

Thank you for fake-smiling as you make sarcastic-but-not-rude remarks about how,obviously . . . a shirt only needs five minutes in the dryer to be ready to wear.

Thank you for accepting me as I am, even though I do stuff like this on an all-too-regular basis.

I love you.


P.S. Don’t you think it’s lucky how the shirt is navy blue so it didn’t look wet?

Oh.  Too soon?





  1. 1

    We all have days when we need a little more Grace than others 😉 I am sure he accepts your apology.

  2. 2

    <3 Aaaw – I feel for ya slobby sister!! Been there/done that! Thankful for those hubbies that still love us through it! 🙂 (((HUGS)))

  3. 3

    Oh how I can relate. 🙂

  4. 4

    Dear Nony’s Husband,
    My husband has had to choose many times between damp undies, dirty undies, my undies, or no undies.
    I’m glad some men are so resilient. Be brave. Be strong. But don’t wear Nony’s undies in case you get in an automobile accident or some such. 😉

  5. 10

    You are not alone! Yet another “ohmygosh I think we’re the same! ” post.

  6. 11

    If your husband loves you, and he does, there is no doubt that he will accept your apology. You are a good mum who takes care of all the household chores. Good post!

  7. 12

    Next time, run a really hot iron over it for a few minutes. It will dry it fairly quickly. I know this from experience.

  8. 13

    It was clean though, right? Not smelly and sitting under a pile of laundry? So that counts for something! (I know this from experience.)

    While we’re talking about washers, be sure if any of you have front loaders, to clean out the pump filter on a routine basis. If it gets clogged with say a sock or pet hair, you chance that you will open your washer one day and it will be like Niagara Falls dumping on your pants legs and shoes. You will then panic and want to call a service person. But then your husband figures out what is wrong and it’s a 2 minute fix on your part.

  9. 14

    Seven to ten minutes with two to three clean dry bath towels (long enough to really heat up) will get one men’s polo shirt almost completely dry.

    Five towels is not better. They don’t heat up or tumble as well.

    We all know how I know this. Slobs are the source of most really good household tips.

  10. 15

    Hubby has had to wear damp clothes more than once in this household. Usually a slightly damp waistline or collar. Seems I don’t always pick the right clothes to wash on a particular day. He accepts it all with a pretty good attitude. His other choice is to do it himself…..that’s not likely to happen.

  11. 16

    Nony I have tears in my eyes. Partly from laughing, and partly because it’s good to know I’m not the only one who does stuff like this.
    (hugs) On a positive note, things like this mean it won’t happen again (at least in the near future…).

    Oh, by the way, thanks for reminding me I have a load of sheets to put in the dryer… 😉

  12. 17

    I love the comments with tips on how to get it dry faster! Not that I ever have done any of them or even _need_ to know any of them. Nope. Not me. 😉

  13. 18

    I love you! And your blog gives me hope! Reading about challenges and how you deal with making things better has improved my own house and how it looks and functions. I don’t know anyone who has a house that looks like mine, so reading your bog makes me feel like I am not weird! Or at least I am not the only weird one!

  14. 19

    Isn’t it great how we can all add our own solutions to help out? 😉 Towels, iron…pray!

  15. 20

    Oh, boy! So sorry. I bet you hated telling him.

  16. 21
    Marcie Schanfish says:

    AWESOMENESS. I would like to duplicate, slightly modify, and redirect this entire post to my long-suffering, nearly-perfect 12 year old, who has more than once gone to school in slightly damp khakis . . . who has learned how to close a uniform shirt in the car window like a flag, so that it dries as we speed off in a frantic rush to make the school bus . . . and who can Febreeze & rewear an outfit as well as any college freshman. Thank you, Lord, for the kind-hearted people in our lives who extend us grace when we need it . . . even if that means over & over & over!!

  17. 23

    We all love your hubby and know how perfect he is for you! 🙂

  18. 24

    Oh, this appology noe describes me so well. Honestly, I could write an appology note on a regular basis to my husband. He calls me a “silly kitty” that does “silly things!” I am always questioning my thought process on things (lol). At least I now know that I am not the only one that does “silly things” on a daily basis. After doing something as silly as what you did, I ask my husband this one question…”You still love this silly kitty??” His answer, most of the time, is this…”Of course I do!” Sometimes, though, he might say this…”hmmm…” But, in the end, I do know he loves me for me. He knew the kind of person I was before we got married. He knew the kind of person I was three dates into our relationship because my mother, of all people, decided to tell him, while I was not around, about my scatterbrained personality. At first, I was not happy with her at all. I thought that I should be the one to tell him this. However, as time went on, I realized I had not really given it a thought and I also realized that maybe she did me a wonderful favor for telling him. Thanks to her telling him, it gave him a chance to really let it all sink in…it gave him a chance to see if he really wanted to go further with the relationship. It was definitely a true test to see if he was willing to at least try to see how it would work. He did his research, online, finding lots of blogs. He got a variety of answers, positives and negatives. After giving it a lot of thought, while still dating me, he decided to just let it go wherever. Now, almost 5-years later, we are happily married. I think part of the reason our relationship stayed strong enough and we have worked really well as a couple and work really well now as a married couple is because he is more of the OCD type. He is a little bit of a “control freak” and he knows it. He will be the first to tell people that and I always sort of knew that. Honestly, I thought that him being that way was a good thing since I am more scatterbrained/forgetful. On the flip-side, I am more obsessive/easily excitable while he is more calm and collective. He can get angry, but it takes quite a while before he gets to that point. I am fairly easy-going and it takes quite a while for me to get angry as well, but I am a worry-wort and he can vouch for that too!

    I think, it really all depends on the person you are with. I know there are a lot of people that say to run while you still can if you are dating someone that is “scatterbrained.” But, I say “see where things take you.” If it works like ours, great. If not, then move on and find someone that will be more of a match. For us, he is like my little “voice of reason.” When he sees me trying to do silly things like telling him I will be ready in 5 minutes when he knows darn right well I will not be ready for another 15-minutes, I try to listen to him when he tells me when I should be ready to get out the door for something like church or an important event. Usually, I will ask him when to be ready and he tells me, giving me 15-minutes more to the time in which we actually have to leave.

  19. 25
    Karen L says:

    Helpful Laundry Tip:

    If you put a bunch of your child’s stuffed animals in the dryer on “Fluff” over the weekend, to knock all the dust off, and then put a bunch of essential clothing in the dryer on Sunday night containing stuff that people will be wearing the next day….make sure the dryer is back on low or normal heat. We found a bunch of still-damp clothes this morning, there was all kinds of crabbing, and I just took all the dry stuff out half an hour ago, long after school and speech started. Wheeeeeee! Happy Monday!

  20. 26

    It’s always good to know you are not alone. My 12 yr old worn his scout uniform shorts to school today because he had no clean shorts. I figure I’m teaching them all to think on their feet.

  21. 27

    I’d just like to commend you for doing your husband’s laundry at all.

  22. 28

    Aww, I did this to my husband last week. I left his MC shirt in the washer and then had to rewash it because it soured before he had to leave for a work day with the club. I ended up digging out one that was a little tattered for him to wear then drove his good one to him when they were done working and ready to celebrate our brother’s birthday.

  23. 29

    This is great!

  24. 30

    Oh wow ! I can so relate!! Thanks for being so real!!!! I laughed So hard and I needed it today… I read it to my hubby b/c it seems I am constantly doing something wrong with his clothes !! I do try !! Lol!!

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