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Absent-Minded (Unintentional) Decluttering

I’m a put-er down-er.

I absentmindedly put things down in random places, usually with no knowledge whatsoever that I’ve done so.

No flat(ish), waist-high(ish) surface is safe.

A few days ago, I noticed that our best kid-sized bike helmet was sitting on top of a very large Donate Box in the garage.

I wondered, “Hmmmm.  Did I really declutter THAT?  Don’t we need that?”

I wondered, but I left it in there.

I noticed it a few more times, was confused a few more times, and left it there a few more times.

Then, as I was using that ever-so-conveniently-located Donate Box to put something down (just  for a second) as I got into the Suburban, I realized that most likely, this is what happened with the bike helmet.

Hubby took our 6yo’s training wheels off on Sunday, so I’m sure he went through the helmets hanging on the pegboard nearby to find the best one for her.

And absentmindedly put this bike helmet on top of the Donate Box. 

Just for a second, I’m sure.

So I did what any good Slob Blogger would do.  I took a picture so I could write a post.

Then, as I walked back inside to put the SD card into the computer, I realized that I should probably ALSO remove the helmet from the top of the Donate Box and put it back on the pegboard. Y’know, before we donate the Donate Box.

Obviously, I am part of an entire family of absentminded put-er down-ers.

Where is the very worst place to absentmindedly put (necessary) things down?  On top of a Donate Box. 



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