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Forgotten Laundry (How to Remove the Stink from Clothes Left in the Washer)

Ever forget to move a washed load of clothes to the dryer?

I have.  At least once . . . .

So today’s Thursday.  Since there was extra laundry this week, I kept Monday’s  Laundry Day going on Tuesday.  But at some point, I forgot to change over a load of wet clothes to the dryer.

Then . . . I left yesterday morning at 8:30 a.m. for Bible Study.

Then . . . I went straight from there to spend the day with my best friend (and meet her newly adopted boys).

Then . . . I spoke at an evening MOPS meeting.

Then . . . we took advantage of the Wednesday enchilada special at our favorite Tex-Mex restaurant.

Then . . . I drove an hour and arrived back home at 10:30 p.m.

Then . . . I helped count money for a school fundraiser first thing this morning.

And then . . . I took a sick kid to the doctor.  (Thankfully, he doesn’t have the flu.)

Anyway, those “clean” clothes don’t smell so clean anymore.  So I drew on the experience I gained in the years before I started a Laundry Day.

Y’know, the years when 6 out of every 10 loads of laundry had to be re-washed.

At least once. 

The trick?  Add vinegar when you run the load again.  I don’t measure.  I just do a once-around-the-washer pour.

I add another once-around if the musty smell is extra-strong.

Do you use vinegar in your washing machine?  I saw a tip last month in All You magazine that vinegar can be used as a fabric softener!

Affiliate link alert: The All You link is my affiliate link.  I love that magazine.

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