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Labeling Food Containers

Labeling Food Containers at

I’m trying to re-use food containers.

As a person who has “issues” with containers, this was a big step for me.

Recently, I overheard someone mention that she uses a label-maker to label all her containers of leftovers.

For some reason, this makes me giggle.  I know it’s a good idea, but it’s one of those things I know I’d never do in a million ba-jillion years.

But I did feel the need to label one container.  Specifically, a container that looks like it should have butter in it.

Y’know.  Because it says “butter” on the outside.

It’s difficult to describe the disappointment you feel when you toast a piece of homemade (by someone else) bread, pull out the butter container, open it up, and find . . . last week’s casserole.

Or broccoli.

Or pink rice.

So I labeled the container.  Permanently.  I labeled it with the only information I really want to know:

“Not butter.”

Do you label leftovers?

Labeling Food Containers pin at

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