A Day in the Life – 2013

I canNOT believe tomorrow is February.

In February of 2012, I had fun participating in Simply Rebekah’s “Day in the Life” link-up.  (Here’s my post from last year.)

Last night, at exactly 6:45, it hit me that if I was going to take 24 hours worth of pictures AND get the post written in time to link it up again this year, I needed to get started.

Like . . . right then. 

So I did.

I took a picture every hour for 24 hours, except while I was sleeping.  (Since that would just be creepy.)

At 6:45 p.m. last night, I was at choir practice:

At 7:45, I was at praise team practice:

Those are my fellow singers.  They were more than willing to pose for my pictures.

And yes, Mother, I dyed my hair.  It’s supposed to fade . . . but for now it’s basically black.  And I’m having an identity crisis over it. 

And yes, I really need to re-apply make-up before taking pictures at the end of a long day . . .

At 8:45, we were still rehearsing:

This was actually right BEFORE we were supposed to come in, so we were  only pretending to sing.  Debbie’s pretty believable, Karina . . . not so much. Me?  Not at all.

At 9:45, I was just getting home. The dishwasher and dryer were both running when I walked into the house.  What a man!

At 10:45, I was heading to bed.  I stopped by the linen closet to grab a clean, not-yet-slobbered-on pillowcase for my wake-up picture.

At 6:45 this morning, I was pretending that it wasn’t really time to get up yet.

At 7:45, I was drinking my one cup of coffee for the day, and doing my Bible Study lesson (after having dropped the kids at school).

At 8:45, I was emptying the dishwasher.  (Usually this is a 6:45 job, but this morning I was still pretending I had time to sleep  . . .)

At 9:45, I was getting into my “Nony” costume:

At 10:45, I was in the middle of shooting the finale to the Master Bedroom Saga:

Why yes.  That is my fancy equipment.  It’s my iPhone attached to my tripod with rubber bands.

At 11:45/12ish, I was washing two avocados to make guacamole for my lunch.

You don’t wash yours with soap?  That’s weird.

At 12:45/1ish (the every-single-hour thing was starting to get a bit muddy at this point), I had just started back to work in the master bedroom when I remembered what I had meant to search for online while eating my lunch.  So of course, I went back to find it, and proceeded to cry the entire time I watched this video.

At 2ish, I was vacuuming the Master Bedroom:

At 3ish, the picking up and driving all around began:

At 4ish, we were heading back out to pick up the brothers, after my 6yo had made them a snack:

At 5ish, I was browning 10 lbs of ground beef and my 6yo was making the meatballs for tonight’s supper.  (She was on a cooking kick today!)

At 6ish, after taking my 11yo to basketball practice, we had Family Kitchen Clean-Up Time.

(That’s my 9yo making Daddy’s lunch for tomorrow.)

And at 7ish (24 hours after I started), I was heading back out to pick up the basketball practice-er.


And that . . . is one random day in the life of a Slob Blogger.  2013.

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  1. 1

    I think this is cool to see how your day goes.

    No, I don’t wash avocado with soap, or even with water, I don’t eat the peels…

    • 2

      What? Are you not supposed to eat the peels??? Just kidding.

      I just can’t help thinking about the nastiness on the peel moving down through avocado on the edge of the knife. Yes. I know I have issues.

  2. 3
    celina boulanger says:

    very interesting…what a great archive for later

  3. 4

    Thanks for sharing! Went back and read LAST year’s post. You should DEFINITELY re-read it yourself and be proud of the huge difference in your day-to-day routine—you have really accomplished so much change in your routine! Great job!

  4. 5

    I actually giggled out loud at your wake up picture. Thank you so much for posting that! haha!

    You should try Veggie Wash for your produce. I love it and they didn’t pay me to say that!

  5. 6
    TaxiChickNYC says:

    Who washes Avocados? You only eat the insides … and grow plants with the pits!

    Glad to see you eating something GREEN … your weekly meal plan didn’t show many veggies!

    We all should be eating every color of the rainbow, as each color has something beneficial to help our body stay healthy!

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