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Should I Keep the Old One? Just in case?


Note #1: I’m sure I’ve written this same post with different objects at least once. Probably six times. 

Note #2: Yes.  I’m aware I have issues. 

The only thing I wanted for my birthday was a new can opener. 


I’m pretty sure I received my old one (on the bottom) as a by-request birthday present several years ago.  I loved it.  It was the kind that cut the lid from the side so there were no sharp edges.  It was also the kind that guests could never figure out how to use. 

Lately, though, it wasn’t working well.  I’d go all the way around the can only to have to go around again.

And sometimes again.

(Because it wasn’t the traditional can-opener, you couldn’t easily see if it had cut through the metal all the way around.)

I was happy to get my new can-opener.  It works great.  One time around the top, and I can dump out beans or corn or spinach or whatever.

And yet . . . I immediately put my old one back in the drawer with the new one. 

I mean, I might need it when the new one stops working.  Y’know, in another three years.

Then I’ll dig the old one out of the overly cluttered (because I’ve kept the old AND new versions of everything) drawer.  And I’ll remember how it doesn’t work either.

And then I’ll not only experience the frustration of one non-working can opener, but of TWO non-working can openers.

AND the frustration of having kept a non-working can opener for three whole years.

Don’t worry.  I threw it away.

Oh.  And lest you feel sorry for me, here’s what else I got for my birthday:

Cute and funny t-shirt, and my very own set of earbuds.

So I’ll stop borrowing Hubby’s . . .



The Amazon link to the can opener?  It’s my affiliate link. 



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