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Since I Only Remember at the LEAST Convenient Time

It’s winter.

You wouldn’t know it from the gorgeous weather last weekend, but we do have random spurts of insanely cold (for Texas) temperatures that make me want to bury myself under a blanket.

Unfortunately, I can’t (always) do that.  And my kids really can’t, because they have to go to school.

So we  bundle up in the coats we haven’t used in a week-and-a-half and head out the door.

And it’s on these cold days when I realize we need ONE more pair of pants for my 9yo to make it from one Laundry Day to the next.   I can’t convince myself that it’s okay for him to wear shorts in January when it’s 30something degrees outside.

This is the point where I am not so crazy about my kids wearing school uniforms.  While I could dig SOMEthing out that would work after his recent overnight growth spurt, I’m limited by the specified colors and styles.

Then there’s my daughter.  It’s her first year to wear uniforms, and it has been an entirely different experience than it was with the boys.  She tends to take it personally when any item of clothing dares to poke, scratch, or bind.  And even though my wonderful idea of sticking a long-sleeved t-shirt under my boys’ collared shirts has worked well for both of them, it’s a huge battle to convince my daughter that it’s better to endure the agony of wearing TWO shirts than to freeze to death.

So I’ve known we needed to add a few items to their wardrobes.

But knowing . . . isn’t always enough.  It takes knowing AND remembering to actually get what I need while I’m out and about.  So when the opportunity arose to shop online for school uniforms at, I jumped at it.

We don’t have a consistently great selection of uniforms in town (which makes no sense, since they go to the local public school . . . ), and I  am glad for the fact that I can order online right when I think about it.  Like, at night after they go to bed.  Or . . . in the morning after searching frantically for something that will work (but before I feel like getting out of my pajamas to go shopping).


I had signed up for an account at Cookie’s Kids, so I received an email letting me know about a code for 10% off all uniforms.  That was the motivation I needed to order a few things to get us through the winter.

The site was easy to navigate and I could shop specifically for uniforms by size, color, item, style, and brand.

The selection was good, and I was glad to get a long-sleeved polo top for my daughter.  Long-sleeved.  You know . . . so she could wear just one shirt on cold days.

Sizing was easy.  Do you see the little “Alva Kids” symbol?  That helps you find the perfect size for your child.  Brands vary so much in the way they do sizes, so I love this feature.

The selection of pants for my 9yo was great and easy to navigate.

I had received several discount codes via email, but had a hard time getting some to work.  Finally, the UNIFORMS code worked for me.  It was so nice to get decent deals on exactly what we needed and be able to get them ordered at the exact moment when I happened to remember.

I got an email the next day that my order had shipped, and by the end of the week it arrived.

My daughter was thrilled with her shirt, and immediately said, “Great! I don’t have to wear TWO shirts!”  She also loved the flower shaped buttons.

My son didn’t exclaim in glee, but I didn’t expect that.  I mean, they’re uniform pants.  Not a football jersey . . .


They don’t only have uniforms, though.  They have all sorts of cute clothes and accessories including Northface backpack products and Baby Phat clothing.  They’re not only online, but also have 7 stores in the NYC area in Bronx, Brooklyn and Jamaica.  You can follow Cookie’s Kids on Facebook and Twitter.

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