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Decluttering the Boys’ Bookshelf

Decluttering the Boys' Bookshelf at

We take a break from our regularly scheduled programming to bring you this Decluttering Webisode with two special guest stars.

(Please be warned that if you only have girls, this may be disconcerting to watch. Video contains excessive loudness, goofiness, mild cartoonish violence and fake bodily function noises.)

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The kids were out of school on Friday.  Fun Mom took them to the park to enjoy a warm and sunny January day.  (Seriously.  We’re in Texas.)  But before she took over, Good Mom made them declutter their bookshelf.

Their insanely messy bookshelf.

And Slob Blogger Mom made a webisode of it.

We asked three questions:

#1:  Did you love this book?

The Ones We Kept

#2: Did you love it enough to read it again?

The books (and other random stuff) we donated.

#3: Would you recommend it to your brother or sister?

The ones we saved for our sister.

It was a wild and wacky morning. 

We decided to pitch things they didn’t even know they had (one of my decluttering questions!), they took random non-book things to their homes immediately (another one of my strategies), and in the end we got rid of a wholelotta books.

Now that the books we kept are visible and accessible, the faves are already being read again.

In case you’re a mom who is always looking for books for your boys, here are some of their favorites:

They both love the books in this series by Dan Gutman.  A boy goes back in history and meets baseball players.  They devoured every one they could find last summer.

They also love the Hardy Boys books, this one especially.

And . . . this is the one mentioned frequently in the webisode.  They love it.

And my 11yo LOVES this one:

Oh. And this one.

Which . . . I just now realized is written by the same author as the baseball card series . . .

I could keep going.  I’m thankful they both love to read.

Do you find it difficult to declutter books?

Oh, and all the books on Amazon? They’re my affiliate links.

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