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My State of the Home Post

When people hear about A Slob Comes Clean for the first time, they seem to have one of two assumptions:

Assumption #1: My home is always a disaster and obviously, I’m proud of that since I have a blog about it.


Assumption #2: My house is perfectly clean all the time because I am fully changed from my slobbish ways.  Y’know, since I have a blog about it.

I’d say I’m somewhere in between.  My personality and Slob Brain mean that keeping my home under control will always be a struggle for me, but the blog has helped me stay focused on decluttering and figuring out ways to manage my home that work for me.

When I speak to groups, I say this:

“Before the blog, I could have a party.  I just needed two weeks notice.  The first week was spent decluttering (which really meant shoving everything into the master bedroom and locking the door), and the second week was spent cleaning.

Now, I can have a party with one day’s notice.  This is partly because my house is in much better shape, and partly because I’ve changed my view of my home and of hospitality.”

But just to clarify what it’s really like, I’m sharing some photos.

Today, I cleaned house.  After the loosi-goosiness of Christmas break and the insanity of being over-committed-to-everything in the month before that, I had to spend some focused time on it.   Our church’s home group that meets here resumes this coming Sunday evening.

Things you should know:

I don’t consider this party ready.  I consider it home group ready.  A real party would mean I would re-evaluate my decor and clear out every last cluttered space that anyone might see.  These are friends who come over weekly.  Besides, I’m pretty sure most of them know by now that I’m Nony the Slob. 

I didn’t move quickly today.  I’m more-than-a-little sore from working out three times this week, and even though the trainer on the Kinect felt the need to tell me when I did “terrible” . . . I am sore.

Really sore. 

So every piece of paper picked up off of the floor required a huff and a puff and an audible groan.  If I had the motivation of a “real” party (or just plenty of energy) the times would likely have been shorter.

First, I cleaned the kitchen:

We’ve been doing Family Kitchen Cleaning Time each night this week, so it could have been worse . . .

But until I focused on it, the clean big stuff that had been “drying” behind the sink for three weeks and the odds and ends from Christmas baking and such had been invisible to me.

Second, I focused on the breakfast area:

I did switch back the dining room chair that was in there for some reason, but didn’t bother clearing the cabinet in the back.

And all the partially full water bottles by the plant?  Hubby is in charge of keeping plants alive and he collects partially empty/full water bottles for that.  Pretty sure the abundance has something to do with having cleaned out the Suburban over the break.

Next, I mopped: 

It had been a while . . .

That time included putting the chairs up on the table (with much groaning), getting out and putting attachments on the steam mop, etc.

Next, I went to the Dining Room (where I’d obviously been breaking my NOT ONE THING rule):

I wanted to ignore the entryway, but didn’t:

Then came the living room:

And finally, the gameroom:

Before I put up that picture . . . let me explain.

First of all, I’ll be re-arranging that room soon.  The boys got a Kinect for Christmas, and it requires more room than our old setup had for the sensor to be able to work.  They’ve adjusted by pushing the couch as far back as it will go in the room, which means that it basically blocks the door.  Today, my only goal was to make the room walk-through-able.  That’s it.  No one hangs out in there on Sunday evenings, but the half-bath that guests use is in there.  I’d love to spend all day working in this room, but today was not that day.

That mentality also explains why I’ve conveniently left pictures of any bedrooms out of this post . . .

And finally, I dusted and vacuumed all of these rooms:

So, with right around 2 1/2 hours of work, the house is ready to let people come inside.


Oh, and the link to the Kinect on Amazon?  It’s my affiliate link.

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