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Why I Don’t Care Who Sells My Stuff

I’m decluttering.

What?  You thought I was DONE decluttering just because I wrote an e-book about it? 


Anyway, that picture up there is why I have absolutely no problem with someone else making money from my stuff.

(Oof.  Grunt. Ehhhh.  OK.  I just climbed up on my soapbox.  Be ready for a little preachin’.)

I’ve heard many different people say (usually at the end of a garage sale when someone offers fifty cents for something no one else wanted to pay 2.00 for . . . ) that they would prefer to throw something in the trash or donate it to charity than to have someone else make money off of their stuff.

I couldn’t disagree more.

Perhaps it’s because once upon a time I was an eBay seller, so I know how much time, work, skill and hassle goes into getting the “real” value of some random piece of junk item.

We have a new place in town that advertises they “Haul Your Junk for Free.”

They’re not a charity.  They’re someone trying to make money off of other people’s stuff.

That’s good enough for me. More power to ’em.

I called them up today, and the guy is coming in the morning.  Tomorrow morning. 

He didn’t put me on a monthly pick-up route that requires me to mark a date on my calendar and then remember to look at the calendar.  Nope.  He’s coming tomorrow.

Morning or night.  Whatever worked best for me.  And I’ll bet you that if I felt like decluttering some more tomorrow, he’d come back again the next day.

Here’s the thing.  Charity is awesome.  Obviously, that would be my first choice.  But I generally get answering machines and leave messages that are never returned.

I need this stuff gone.  Tomorrow.  We have people coming over Sunday night.  If this stuff isn’t gone by then, I’ll end up dragging it back into a room or across the house to the garage . . . . and we all know how that story ends. 

So I don’t mind one bit if someone makes 50 bucks off of the stuff I’m giving away.  I don’t even mind if he makes 600.

Those little red dart-thingys?  I know exactly which toy they go with.  I also know that toy is at the BOTTOM of the humongous box full of stuff that I don’t have to shove into the back of my Suburban. 

If I wanted the 3 dollars I could (maybe) get for that toy, I’d have to dig the toy out (mumbling not-proper-for-mommies-to-say words under my breath), and somehow get all the pieces in all the right places and then tape them together to keep from re-losing them.

They can do that.  It’s how they earn their money.  I get to toss things haphazardly into a box, and they get to make a living by renting a retail space, advertising in the local paper, having a truck big enough to haul off Crazy Slob Bloggers’ clutter, driving to my house to get all that clutter, and then sorting, cleaning, displaying, and attempting to sell that item.

And if I have three-trips-worth of stuff, they get to make three trips.  Not me.

More power to ’em.  In this economy, I’m glad to support anyone willing to take that entrepreneurial step as they provide me with a much needed, much appreciated service. 

Off my soapbox now.

Back to decluttering.

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