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I’m Back! (And Funny Hubby Pics!)

I hope each of you had a wonderful New Year’s Eve/Day/Week!

Basically, I published my new e-book on Sunday night and then fell off the face of the earth for the week.

OK.  Maybe not off the face of the earth . . . . but I did go to Oklahoma. 

I needed some down time, as my body was clearly telling me.  Of course, it wasn’t until I’d been chilling for a few days that it dawned on me that I had been going full-force/non-stop since Thanksgiving.

Business Stuff:  I apologize for the warnings some of you might have received if you visited the blog yesterday.  It was a big hullabaloo that many bloggers dealt with, and we have been assured that the site that was cited as having malware (which we all had links to on our blogs) never had any malware, and that my site was never infected.  But it was disconcerting and frustrating to say the least.  I do apologize.

Personal Stuff:  Just for fun, I’m sharing a picture of Hubby being my model as I set up the photo for the cover of my new e-book.  It cracks me up that he’s so willing to help out with all my crazy schemes around here.  He also thinks I should put this picture up because he claims that whenever I feature him, my traffic spikes up.  (Hmmmph.)



Did you get your copy of my new e-book yet?  It’s on sale through the end of January!

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