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My Mother Has Nine Cutting Boards

My Mother has NINE Cutting Boards - A Slob Comes CleanFirst, let me state that my mother is wonderful.  And that she knows I’m going to write this post.

And that she still defends her need for nine cutting boards.

In one kitchen.

In one lakehouse kitchen.

Seriously, every time I go to her lakehouse, I understand my own “issues” a little better. 

I once read a blog where the writer said she tries to decide if she needs something by asking if she would need it in the cabin where she and her family vacation.

Like, the cabin has minimal stuff and she’s fine there.  It sounded like a perfect way to look at things. 

Until . . . the next time I went to my parents’ lakehouse/cabinish place.

I looked around again.  My dear mother has every single thing she could possibly EVER need if there happened to be a world-ending event while she happened to be there.

I’ve written about it before.  Thankfully, she can handle all of the stuff, and keeps it ever-so-organized.  She always knows where each little random thing is/should-be.

So . . . she has nine cutting boards in her lakehouse kitchen.  I might have given her a hard time about it.

But she defends her stash of cutting boards.

They ARE all different shapes and sizes and materials and colors.

AND . . . once a year, when we have our Christmas celebration there, the men (and now three boys) are in charge of making fajitas.  And there are SEVEN of them.

So there IS a chance (though small) that EVERY single one of those seven would need to be chopping or slicing or dicing at the exact same moment in time.

(Not that there’s enough counter space for that, but whatever.)

I do get her point.  I used to think this way too.  I felt the need to be prepared for THE most extreme situation that could ever occur in our home.

But I’ve accepted/realized that I can’t handle that amount of stuff. 

And I’ve accepted/realized that it’s okay that I can’t handle that amount of stuff.

I’ve purposely observed functional homes where there is only one cutting board.  Maybe two or three.

And I’m pretty sure they’ve never had to cancel Christmas dinner because they didn’t have enough cutting boards.

P.S. I love you, Mom.  Thanks for your willingness to be the subject of my blog posts.  And thanks for the big visions you have for our family Christmases.

P.S.S. If that’s your blog I mentioned above, please leave the link to that post in the comments, and I’ll link back to it!  I think the blog changed names, so the search I did didn’t come up with anything.

P.S.S.S I linked to a cutting board.  It’s my Amazon affiliate link.  Please don’t buy a cutting board if you already have eight.  But anything you do buy on Amazon after clicking that link will earn me a small commission.


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