My Maytag Fridge

I’ve already shared that I’m not cooking this week since I’m enjoying a 7 Day cruise with my family!  Therefore, my fridge is nowhere near as full as it usually is at this time of year.

It was a little strange NOT having a grocery list of the ingredients for pie and green bean casserole. Strange . . . but not bad.

I have been thoroughly enjoying my new Maytag fridge.  It has the freezer on the bottom and a snack drawer in the middle that’s the perfect height for the kids.  And my favorite part?

It doesn’t freeze stuff that’s not supposed to be frozen.

Really.  It’s the simple things in life that make me happy.

And isn’t that the point of a reFRIGerator?  To keep things cold?  And for a FREEZer to freeze things?  Because until this one arrived, I was starting to wonder.  Our old (VERY old) fridge froze everything on the bottom . . . of both the fridge and freezer sides.

So I’ve loved being able to depend on my milk to be cold, my frozen stuff to be . . . frozen, and everything else to be just right.

My second favorite part is the design.

Because of the open and spread out design, it’s just so easy to see everything in the fridge.  As someone who suffers from Slob Vision, that’s a really good thing.  When almost-empty juice pitchers and not-sure-how-old containers of who-knows-what are more easily visible, I’m more likely to get them out before they get to the point where I just have to throw the container away.

What? Is that just me?

I also love the snack drawer.

Honestly, I might be a little nervous that I’d forget what was in there, but the bottom of the fridge is glass so you can see inside the drawer.  So smart!

As far as organizing, so far it hasn’t been difficult.  This is partly because I try to keep the things we always have on hand in the same spot so we know right where to look.  When my kids open the fridge and the best snack options are right at their eye level, they’re most likely to eat what I want them to eat. I also find that if I get too random on where I put things, they may not even notice what’s really available to them.  If yogurt has always been in the door, it’s as if it doesn’t exist when I put it somewhere else!

Cleaning has been a bit more of a challenge.  I honestly don’t worry about wiping down the inside of the fridge very often . . .

But I do like the outside to look good, and even though the stainless steel is gorgeous, it does show fingerprints more than I’m used to.  I’ve found that a damp (NOT wet) microfiber cloth does a good job of shining it up nicely.  And how often do I do this?  Ummmm, whenever I know someone’s about to ring the doorbell.

Which is better than never, right?

And our favorite feature is still the water in the door.  I’m an Icewater Fanatic, and my daughter is too.  To me, this is a must-have-if-you-possibly-can feature when you have kids.  It’s so simple and easy for them to get their own water this way.  And yes, my nine year old is still obsessed with knowing how much he drinks each day, down to the ounce!

If you’re shopping for new appliances, you can connect with Maytag on their website, on Facebook, and on Twitter!

I wrote this post participating in an Maytag Moms Dependable Kitchen Ambassador program by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Maytag. I was provided with a Maytag kitchen appliances set, including a refrigerator, vent, dishwasher, and range to facilitate my post



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    What do you think of the freezer space? I have a Maytag French door refrigerator/freezer – not as nice as yours – but I HATE the freezer!!! HATE! If I didn’t have an extra refrigerator/freezer in the garage, I’d been in sad shape. My freezer door pulls out and there are two wire baskets – the top one pulls out. You can’t store much stuff in there and if you try to put a tiny bit too much, it won’t close. I’m constantly having to rearrange to get it to close. I like the refrigerator part but I hate the freezer.

  2. 2

    I’m drooling. I can’t imagine pulling lettuce out and not have it covered with ice. Defrosted lettuce does not make a pretty salad!


  3. 3

    We have a side by side and I made one of the crisper drawers a snack drawer for the kids a couple of years ago so they can easily get to the healthy snacks. I keep cheese sticks, apple sauce, yogurt, washed fruit, juice boxes, etc in there.

    I love that your fridge comes with a snack drawer. Super smart! I love when brands really make products with functionality and family in mind.

  4. 4

    I have a similar style fridge and love it. So that drawer is supposed to be a snack drawer, I never knew what it was for, so I store my meat that we will be using during the week in it.

    In the bottom freezer I keep: my husband’s lunches, butter and ice on the top rack. In the bottom of the freezer drawer I keep my gluten free flours and nuts on one side and my ice cream and other small, plan to use soon items. I also have an upright freezer where I store most everything that requires long term storage.

  5. 5
    Penelope says:

    I want to hear about the cruise! Where did you go, did you get a good price? any tips?

    • 6

      We did a Western Caribbean cruise out of Galveston on R.C. No great tips, other than to shop around. I’m always amazed that cruises are actually more affordable than I would have thought.

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