Childrens Clothes Bargains You Can Shop for from Home

I used to buy ONLY used clothing for my kids.  I could claim that it was because I was so green, but the truth was . . . I was cheap.

I’m still cheap, but since I’ve (mostly) banned myself from going to garage sales, I generally end up paying a lot more than I used to for my kids clothes.  I do love thrift stores, but I don’t often have time for the searching and sorting that’s required to find treasures in them.

Little Frugalista is an online shop where you can purchase gently used clothing for your kids for way less than you’d pay retail.

And you don’t have to leave your home.

And you don’t have to get up before the crack of dawn and try to read size tags by the light of a stranger’s garage door opener.

How super-duper cute is that Christmas dress?  It was listed for only 8.99. The site is very easy to use and you can click on girls or boys and specific sizes to see what’s currently available.  You can also search by brand.

And for a limited time, shipping is free inside the U.S.  (See the site for specific details.)

Check out Little Frugalista!


This is a sponsored post, and I was paid to check out the site and share about it.  All opinions and experiences are mine.  See my full disclosure policy here.



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    I like that they also give a written description of the clothes. There is another site, Thredup, that sells gently used clothes for pretty reasonable prices (recently saw a mini Boden sweater dress for $14.99), but they don’t have any written description so I guess you either have to email them to ask questions or just guess.

  2. 2

    I have to admit I LOVE garage sales. I like the waking up early searching for good deals. It is like a treasure hunt. I go armed with a list of things I need and try to stick to it. My Mom and I used to go together and still occasionally do when I am visiting her on the weekends. It is sort of a bonding time. My own children really enjoy it and make sure they are good while we are out, because they know Mom will leave them behind (home or waiting in the vehicle if they are naughty! We would never be able to afford buying all or most of the clothes we need new!

  3. 3

    Just wondering what is wrong with garage sales and bargain shopping? It’s the only way we can make a go of it. I am cheap, yes, but that’s what allows us to have five children. Garage sales are a win-win for me and the person selling the item. Am I just misunderstanding or is it just a matter of time for you?

    • 4

      Oh there’s definitely nothing wring with garage sales! I love them. But I really had a problem. I couldn’t control my buying and eventually that greatly contributed to my rock bottom in the area of clutter. I had to stop going for the most part. I still occasionally go, but don’t consistently find great stuff like I did when I went twice a week.

      • 5

        Makes sense! Thanks for clarifying! I understand where you are coming from. Having a baby limits my ability to go to garage sales right now. I am trying to give away things that we don’t need, either excess or things we’re tired of, but the mess continues. Of course, that’s part of homeschooling and having a baby!

  4. 6

    With a family of five boys we love resale shops! To be able to buy used children’s clothes online, without taking time out of my day to travel from place to place, is a huge hit! Love this idea of online thrift stores.

  5. 7

    I love the timing of seeing this post on FB as I’m searching ebay for a cute christmas dress for my youngest! Bless you! 🙂

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