A Company Ready House

Mmmm-hmmm . . . it’s officially Company Season.  Does that make your heart skip a beat?

Here’s a series I wrote last year about getting your home ready for guests:

The posts include:

Take a Decluttering Tour

Feeding Your Overnight Guests – Freezer Cooking

Getting from Cleaning Day to Party Day (Without Losing My Mind)

Detailed Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Printable Cleaning Checklists

I’m going to be honest.  I’m not worrying one teeny-tiny bit about my house this week.  But . . . maybe not everyone is on a cruise this week.  (That’s right, I’m not cooking a thing for seven days and am spending the entire week with Hubby’s side of the family on a cruise!)


A few other reminders:

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Did you know that if you’re doing any of your Christmas shopping on Amazon, you can use the little search box there on my sidebar or go through any Amazon link here on my blog and I’ll get a small affiliate commission?  It doesn’t affect your price at all.



  1. 1

    So, I can order anything at any time from Amazon and if I connect to them through you, you will get the ‘commission’? It doesn’t have to be one of the products you have linked to? If so, I will try to do my best to remember to do this. I order LOTS of books. Some ‘hard copies’, so Does that work? I’m also giving several Amazon gift cards to a couple of friends and family members. This too? I would LOVE to see you get the money. It’s a small way I could help thank you for all you do for us. Please let me know if you will get a commission on these products.

    • 2

      You’re so kind, Carolina! And yes, anything you buy after going through my link or my searchbox on the sidebar earns me a commission. Even Kindle books or digital music downloads or giftcards or whatever. It doesn’t have to be the thing that I linked to.

  2. 3

    Oh, I meant to say that the majority of the books I order are Kindle books. Do you get anything for those? I’m just really curious as to how the whole ‘affiliate’ thing works.

  3. 4

    I likecready your blogs, it makes me feel better about my mess and clutter. I want to let you know that al the advertising on your page completely shuts it down and is only viewable for a very short time ..I have great internet service and it’s only hapeninf in your ageseasntdoing this the last time I visited a lttle over a see ago, so t might be a new advert.?

    • 5

      Is it still doing this? I’ve just switched ad companies and mobile theme to hopefully make it better. Is it on desktop or mobile? Any details you can give that I can pass along are so helpful!!!

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