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Maytag Tips


Sorry I’ve been silent. I’ve been touring the Maytag headquarters for the past few days and staying in the “Real Whirled” House.

I thought I’d share a few facts and tips I’ve learned in the labs.

1. You can go to with the model number of your dishwasher and find out your water cost per load.

2. USE the heated dry! It makes a huge difference in how your dishes look and gives the rinse agent a chance to do its job.

3. Rinse agent is really important.

Like, really.

And last but DEFINITELY not least . . .

4. No pre-washing!!!!

(Did you read that, Honey?)

Seriously, the EXperts say not to pre-wash.

Scrape only.

And the examples we saw even had bits of scrambled egg, peanut butter, and OATMEAL in them.

I’m excited.

I’ll share more of what I learned later, because writing on my iPhone while in a van heading to Chicago isn’t really easy.

I’m a Maytag Mom and this trip was provided by Maytag.

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