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Special Accommodations for Slob Vision

It’s happened.

It has really, truly happened.

We . . . have been validated, people.

I had lunch at Johnny Carino’s last week and asked for a to-go box for my more-than-enough lunch sized portion. The waiter took my plate to fix the box for me (love it when they do that), and brought back this:

That’s right. Though I live under the (vain) assumption that I do NOT, in fact, look like a slob, he made special accommodations for me.

Special accommodations for those who suffer from Slob Vision.

For those unable to recall the contents of an opaque container. Those who (IF they happen to even notice that the container exists) assume it has been there long enough that opening it would be too scary.

Besides, they don’t remember what is in there anyway.

So thank you, Mr. Server Man, for your kind service and attention to detail.

It’s nice to feel like someone cares

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