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Before and After Pictures: Three Minutes Later


As I was cleaning up the kitchen this morning, I realized how much this area has been driving me crazy.

We’ve had a lot of coughing and allergies and fever going on around here, so it just makes no sense to my brain to put this stuff away in the cabinet above this counter.  Especially since I have a few who are old enough to get their own medicine when reminded.

But who might never find it if it was actually put away. 

Of course, as happens to people with Slob Vision, the Target bags and dirty dishcloths were invisible to me.

So I took the entire three minutes necessary to simply remove the OBVIOUSLY removable stuff and push the stuff that was staying into one slightly-less-random arrangement, and I got this:

And that included making the (not that hard) decision to throw away this smashed/cracked leadless and eraserless pencil and the plug cover that I haven’t used in several years.

And it even included transferring these allergy pills back to their container.  AFTER throwing the bag away because I thought it was a ziploc with a little leftover rice in the bottom . . .

(Explanation/Excuse: When my 10yo went to camp LAST SUMMER I sent the bottle, but didn’t want to send everything in it for fear it would never return.)

What have you done in three minutes today?




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