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A 7 Month, 4 Minute and 36 Second Project

Why do I do these things?

Or not do them.

Last spring (y’know, TWO seasons ago), I had the great idea to spiff up my daughter’s room for her sixth birthday.  I bought some cute stuff I knew she would love.  Stuff that matched her funky-colors doll house she got last Christmas.

Yep.  I’m a mom with fabulous ideas.

But . . . her birthday was in April.  The same weekend as Easter.  And she specifically requested to go to a restaurant that’s three hours away from our house.

We’re not usually the satisfy-a-child’s-every-whim kind of parents, but since it was a long weekend anyway and the restaurant is on the way to my parents’ lakehouse . . . we decided to oblige her crazy request and go.

And our church did an Easter production that I directed.

Which meant I was working on that, running around like crazy woman, right up until the moment we left for the lake.

So that was my excuse for why I bought her another present and didn’t even try to redo the room as a big surprise that weekend. 

Not sure what my excuses were for the other more-than-200 days. 

Probably something about how the stuff was in Hubby’s trunk and how I so rarely look in there.  And how even though I felt intense guilt every time I looked in there, those times never seemed to coincide with a time when her room was actually clean.

So I couldn’t see the point.

Anyway, we worked in her room last weekend and I went out and grabbed her “new” comforter.  She loved it.  Then I showed her the cutesy-as-can-be curtains, and even took one out of its package.

Only to realize that there was no curtain rod in her room anymore.

Which caused me to fear this project was now going to take another seven months to complete. 

But what do you know? I happened upon the curtain rod aisle at Target yesterday.  Imagine my surprise when I saw that the kind we needed only cost a whole $2.47. Even I couldn’t come up with an excuse to not buy it right then and there.

And then today, I actually put it up.

7 months of mommy guilt and 4 minutes and 36 seconds of total effort.




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