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Planning to Be Desperate

Several years ago, I read about someone making the decision to immediately throw away any pen that didn’t write. 

Sounds logical.  I was relieved to know that an otherwise normal-seeming person struggled with this, and I determined to do it too.

As someone who was forever finding and then re-finding pens that were out of ink, I’ve tried to be conscious about not putting non-working pens back into the drawer.

Because grabbing a pen (usually in a hurry), only to find that it doesn’t write . . . is near the top of the list of Life’s Most Annoying Little Things.

This morning, I grabbed a pen to do my Bible study.  While technically, the pen wasn’t out of ink . . . it was very difficult to write with it.  It didn’t guide smoothly and certain sections of my already messy handwriting were made more difficult to read by the ink randomly cutting out.

I was annoyed enough to get up and find a new pen. 

I started to put the not-unusable-but-super-annoying pen back into the drawer.  But then I stopped myself.  I realized that I was putting it back just in case I was ever desperate. 

I do this a lot.

I plan to be desperate. 

I’m not so good at thinking ahead enough to remember to grab a new pen at the store, but I’m great at thinking ahead enough to know that I’ll forget to grab a new pen at the store.

So I keep the old one.

The almost-no-good one.


I threw that pen away.

I’m sure I’ll regret it someday.  Y’know, when I’m desperate.




Maytag Tips


Sorry I’ve been silent. I’ve been touring the Maytag headquarters for the past few days and staying in the “Real Whirled” House.

I thought I’d share a few facts and tips I’ve learned in the labs.

1. You can go to with the model number of your dishwasher and find out your water cost per load.

2. USE the heated dry! It makes a huge difference in how your dishes look and gives the rinse agent a chance to do its job.

3. Rinse agent is really important.

Like, really.

And last but DEFINITELY not least . . .

4. No pre-washing!!!!

(Did you read that, Honey?)

Seriously, the EXperts say not to pre-wash.

Scrape only.

And the examples we saw even had bits of scrambled egg, peanut butter, and OATMEAL in them.

I’m excited.

I’ll share more of what I learned later, because writing on my iPhone while in a van heading to Chicago isn’t really easy.

I’m a Maytag Mom and this trip was provided by Maytag.

Laundry Day Loopholes

I love cleaning routine loopholes.

Love them, as in I use them at every possible opportunity.

Don’t love them for what they do to my house in the long run.

Like this:

Fine.  These loopholes are pretty much excuses.

But most are so legit as REASONS that it’s easy to justify them.  So I’m calling them loopholes.  Confusing enough?

See, things that don’t go in the dryer really do have to hang on this handy-dandy rack to dry.  So even though I really have accepted that the only way to prevent Clean Laundry Mountain is to fold clothes straight out of the dryer and put them away immediately . . . hang-to-dry clothes CAN’T be put away immediately.

And the total justification that I CAN’T put away those bathing suits, beaded beach t-shirts, and avalanche causing unmentionables . . . gives me a smug feeling of slob satisfaction. 

Ha!  I showed that routine that I DON’T have to do everything it says.

Seriously.  I have issues.

Because the reality is that when something doesn’t get put away immediately . . . its hanging place becomes its new home.  Like, forever.  And then I am stuck using the dining room chairs as hanging spots for future undryables.

In my defense, most of the stuff on that drying rack has been there since BEFORE I grasped the laundry concept that has rocked my world. 

Actually, that defense would be the thing that got me convicted in Slob Court.  But whatever.

And all the stuff hanging on hangers at the bottom?  That’s the stuff that I did hang straight out of the dryer, recently, but didn’t put away.

Which means I wasn’t following through completely on my put-it-all-away-right-away resolution.

It’s just such an easy loophole when it feels like I put it away since it’s not piled on the couch.

But I did empty the drying rack.  Once.  No guarantees when it will happen again, but I’ll enjoy it for now.

No profound solutions in this post.  I’ve written about this issue before, and I’ll mostly likely write about it again.


That Amazon link is an affiliate link to a similar drying rack.  Anything you purchase on Amazon after following that link earns me a small commission. 

But I think I actually got my rack at The Container Store, so be sure to go enter the giveaway I have going on right now for a $100 giftcard to The Container Store provided by Ebates. 

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