(Lame) Excuse: “But Can’t I Just Be Done Already?”


It’s the last day of October, and the last of my posts in this series.

Not the last post about a lame excuse, I’m sure.

I thought I’d end on a classic.  Not the good kind of classic like I Love Lucy or Jane Eyre.  The “Classic!” that a child of the 80s uses to describe something that’s just oh-so-typical.

On Sunday, after a full three days of working on my in-laws’ garage sale . . . I was tired.

Like, I-can-barely-keep-my-eyes-open tired.

And this tiredness was causing me to resent the need to pick up the house for that night’s home group meeting.  I hadn’t been home for more than 10 hours in the past three days, and the last thing I felt like doing was dusting and vacuuming and such.

But . . . with the help of my kids and Hubby, I did it.  And of course it took much less time than expected, and of course I felt much better when it was done.

Or almost done.

Because after all that effort, I found myself resisting (kind of like a bratty two-year-old) wrapping up the vacuum cleaner cord.

I just.


Feel like it.

I wanted to be done.

But I did it.  Because I recognized it as a lame excuse.

So I guess this series was a success.






  1. 1

    Because of this “fact” my husband decided when our old vacuum went out around the time of mothers day one year that the perfect present would be one with a retractable cord.. It’s been amazing.

  2. 3
    Slob with OCD says:

    Turns out I am the second generation of women who always leave out the broom, mop or dustpan after using them. My Dad’s theory is that my Mom always left them out so he would notice she had done something.

    I have a more observant spouse but I think I leave them out, because I still don’t believe (I know I just don’t believe yet) that putting cleaning tools away is part of the job.

  3. 4

    It’s ironic, isn’t it? If I wrap up the cord, I *am* done! But, because I want to be done, I leave the job unfinished.

    Smart girl. *eye roll*

  4. 5

    I can SO relate! That’s how I feel today! I had a rough night and I’ve had the grandkids on and off for three days. I’m beat and I just don’t want to go pick up the house! I just want to be done NOW without any effort on my part. I wish I could wave a magic wand and it would be done. Sometimes I just don’t have what it takes. Today is one of those days.

    But I’ll go do it. In a few minutes.

  5. 6

    Now that you can covered the lame excuses, can you do a series of posts on Totally Legitimate Excuses? The only one I have is “it is time to breastfeeding the baby,” but once she is weaned, I’ll need something else!

  6. 7
    Karen L says:

    Wait, there are people who actually wrap up their vacuum cords? And not just gather it up in a bunch of loops to be thrown over the top of the vacuum?

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