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(Lame) Excuse: “But Can’t I Just Be Done Already?”


It’s the last day of October, and the last of my posts in this series.

Not the last post about a lame excuse, I’m sure.

I thought I’d end on a classic.  Not the good kind of classic like I Love Lucy or Jane Eyre.  The “Classic!” that a child of the 80s uses to describe something that’s just oh-so-typical.

On Sunday, after a full three days of working on my in-laws’ garage sale . . . I was tired.

Like, I-can-barely-keep-my-eyes-open tired.

And this tiredness was causing me to resent the need to pick up the house for that night’s home group meeting.  I hadn’t been home for more than 10 hours in the past three days, and the last thing I felt like doing was dusting and vacuuming and such.

But . . . with the help of my kids and Hubby, I did it.  And of course it took much less time than expected, and of course I felt much better when it was done.

Or almost done.

Because after all that effort, I found myself resisting (kind of like a bratty two-year-old) wrapping up the vacuum cleaner cord.

I just.


Feel like it.

I wanted to be done.

But I did it.  Because I recognized it as a lame excuse.

So I guess this series was a success.




(Lame) Excuse: “But I Could Get that Cheaper . . . “

(Lame) Excuse But I Could Get that Cheaper . . .  at

Once upon a time, I was a Coupon-aholic.

I had it bad.

I no longer beg for my in-laws’ Sunday paper or spend every road trip organizing my coupon box, but I still suffer some lasting ill effects.


Like the “But I could get that cheaper” excuse.

A paralyzing excuse, since it’s totally true.

See, some people need a price book to remember the rock-bottom prices for various items.

I may not remember why I drove to the store, but I doubt I will ever forget my former “Buy Price” for toothpaste and green beans.

The paralyzing part comes in when I see how much things cost when you’re not obsessively couponing.  Did you know that toothbrushes aren’t actually free for normal people?

In fact, my heart almost stopped yesterday when I saw that there are toothbrushes that come in two-packs . . . . for over SEVEN DOLLARS.

I started to push my little cart away.  I wanted to assume that we could make it a while longer on our current toothbrushes.

Y’know, until I magically have the time/energy/desire again to scour the internet for the best toothbrush deals out there.

Thankfully, I saw this 6 pack.  This $1 six pack.

And even though the excuse automatically morphed into something about how “when I used to get these cheaper, I was getting the fancy ones!” . . . I stopped myself.

Right now, my options are: pay full price for toothbrushes (cheap ones or expensive ones) or grow green stuff on our teeth.

I really can’t say “I could” when I know I won’t. 



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(Lame) Excuse But I Could Get that Cheaper . . .  pin at



The Master Bedroom Saga: Part Seven – Rearranging Furniture

It’s been almost two months now since I did this big, huge, scary project.  And as I edit video and try to match it up with what I wrote in my journal, it doesn’t always jive perfectly.

In my journal at this point, I wrote mostly about the psychological transformations Hubby and I went through just enjoying the emptiness.  We had never experienced an almost-empty bedroom before.

Like never ever.

But I want to dedicate a post to that concept, and how it helped us so much in this overall saga, and this video doesn’t really go with that.

So, for those of you who won’t watch the video, here’s basically what it contains.

Me.  Me grunting.  Me blathering on and on about how much I love a cleared room. How much I DON’T recommend this type of humongous project for the newbie de-slobbifier.

And me talking to myself.

Because I do that.  A lot.  And I choose to see it as a sign of brilliance.

In the video, I’m moving furniture.  Furniture that I can’t justify completely getting rid of (since it houses Hubby’s beloved CD collection).  Furniture that has been in an awkward, space-hogging spot for several years, but that I was determined to put in a perfect little spot that would get it out of the way.

I pushed the stereo completely into the corner, and dragged the red(ish) cabinet from the other side of the room.

By looking at that picture, perhaps you can tell that it was going to be a tight fit.   Such a tight fit that only my measuring tape could convince me this was going to work.

Finally, it did.

And oh my. The joy that I felt in my heart when I realized how much space had been freed in the bedroom simply by using this odd space . . . . was real.

See, that was an awkward space.  One I assume was created when this home’s previous owners removed a built-in bookshelf.  We had haphazardly placed Hubby’s stereo in there, but it wasn’t up against the back wall completely so many-a-thing fell behind it . . . never to be seen again.

I never claim to have made a final-and-forever-lasting furniture arrangement . . . but I really do love this one.

Be sure to catch up on parts one, two, three, four, five, and six if you haven’t read/watched them yet!

Oh. And how can I make this work for the 31 Days of (Lame) Excuses? Well . . . if you watch the video you’ll see how physically exhausting this stuff is. And it’s ever-so-easy to talk yourself out of doing something that is physically exhausting!

And if you’re reading via email, be sure to click through to the blog to see the video!


Also, did you see my latest toilet paper post?  And it also has info on how you can get a 5$ credit to use toward buying MP3s on Amazon.  Seriously.  Go read it.

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