Another Veggieful Menu Plan

I have officially made it through one full week of all-veggies-all-the-time.

As I’ve reminded my husband, I can do this as long as he lets me be as sassy as I (feel the) need to be about it.

We’ve been through this before, so a few things have been confirmed:

  1. It’s possible to survive without candy.
  2. My hunger levels are significantly lower overall when I’m completely off of sugar.  (Other than the sugar in fruits and veggies.)

We’ve been through this before, so we know how hard next week is going to be. To try to make things better than last time, we’re eating the same meals that we ate last week.

Last time, we got a little cocky after making it through the first week.  I also tried some recipes that didn’t turn out and I ended up basically fasting several nights of that second week.

Because I may not be able to keep myself from eating Cheetos, but I can totally keep myself from eating cauliflower.

So here’s our menu of tried-and-true grain-free-meat-free meals:

Monday – Grilled Portobello mushrooms and salad

Tuesday – Black Bean Lettuce Wraps with fresh guacamole

Wednesday – Cabbage Soup with fresh tomatoes (but without the pasta in the recipe)

Thursday – Stir-fried veggies (broccoli, kale, water chestnuts, snow peas)

Friday – Asian Slaw (Since we couldn’t use sugar, I added fresh cherries to the dressing as it cooked, and it did a good job of adding the sweetness we like.)

Saturday – Salad

Sunday – Hummus with veggies.


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  1. 1

    Hang in there! We are on week three of a mostly vegan diet! It gets easier:)

  2. 2

    As a vegetarian for 25 years now, I am tremendously impressed by your two plunges into a vegan diet. To help spur the rest of us on, I am hoping you will be able to report benefits at the end of the two weeks, e.g. weight loss, clearer skin, more energy? I would also like to know whether any recipe emerged as a clear favourite.

  3. 3

    I am curious what you are eating for breakfast? I am trying to eat more fruits and veggies, but breakfast is the one time I can’t seem to stop the carb overload. Good job sticking to it for one week! I would like to do this sometime, but I don’t know if I could make it. I would definitely be doing it alone. I think my husband would chose starvation over just fruits and veggies.

    • 4

      For breakfast, I’m eating apples and natural peanut butter. I’ve been amazed at how much longer I can go without feeling hungry. I generally eat a granola bar for breakfast, and need to eat a snack at 10. With the apples and pb, I can easily make it to noon and sometimes 1:00.

  4. 5

    Hi Nony, long-time follower, first-time poster, and total airhead slob myself here! Two years ago we went for a normal junk-food, meat and cheese eating family to a vegan diet. We are still hanging in there and feel fantastic. So I am here to cheer you on. I don’t remember your reasons for doing so but once you make the commitment it falls into place. As far as adding the cherries for sweetener…we use dates…they work wonderfully. Wishing you the best with this!

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