Summer of Clean Weekly Progress Report

I skipped out on Summer of Clean reports for the past two weeks because of our vacation.

But this week, it was back to  . . . well . . . as normal as summer can be.

And yes, I gave us an A-.  Not for perfection, but for effort.

We tried.  We actually had a Laundry Day, a Bathroom Cleaning Day, and a Dusting/Vacuuming/Mopping Day.

All in one week. The same one week. 

And although my daily routine is completely out of whack so the average person might not walk into my home and ever have the words “Summer of Clean” come into their head  . . .  it’s improved.

All but a few laundry stragglers have been put away.  The bathrooms look (and smell) significantly better.  And I was reminded (for the first time this summer, ahem) how much of a visual difference it makes to dust and vacuum.

I’m not the model student for whom this stuff is a breeze, but I am that kid who never gives up.

Not sure exactly what next week holds, but maybe this A- will bring up my overall average for the summer.

How did your week go?  What would you write on your progress report?



  1. 1

    Reading through your older posts, you mention smelly bathrooms and little boy puddles a lot.

    Sweetie, has your husband never taken his sons, one at a time, into the bathroom and taught them to ball up one sheet of TP, float it in the bowl and play sink the battleship?

    Really improves their aim.

  2. 2

    I was one of those people who thought that if they did not do *everything* perfectly every day, the effort was worth nothing. You’re teaching me that this is not quite so: thank you.

    As for my week… a B+, probably. I’m slowly getting the hang of it.

  3. 3

    This summer has not exactly been the best cleaning wise. I did get my act together this past week and cleaned the master bedroom (still need to deal with some piles but the dressers and nightstands are cleaned off and dusted and the huge pile of clean laundry is a very small pile now), scrubbed the bathrooms and bagged up some stuff for donation. Lots more to do but at least some stuff looks good. My husband decided to start sorting through boxes of papers in our basement which is good because he’s discovered a lot of it is trash or paper work to be scanned and then shredded. BUT, the question will be how long do the sorted piles sit on the porch before they land in their permanent home.

    • 4

      ^^ My life!!! Hubby takes on big projects and works REALLY hard at them for…a day. And then the next day is onto the next big thing. It’s the reason I pretend big areas of my house (basement, backyard, and garage), just don’t exist.

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