Picnic Ideas: Taco Salad Bags!

I loved your suggestions for picnic meals, and last Monday tried a version of the Tacos in a Bag or Frito Pie that were suggested.

We . . . loved these.

Here’s how I made Tacos/Taco Salads for our Baseball Night Picnic:

(If you’re a kid and think any meal with the word “salad” in it is likely to be gross, call them Tacos in a Bag.  If you’re over the age of 15, add extra lettuce, call them Taco Salads, and tell yourself you’re eating a little more healthfully.)

First, I defrosted  some pre-cooked ground beef and seasoned it with taco seasoning.

Then, I packed the beef into a container and filled quart sized bags with individual ingredients.

We brought salsa, shredded cheese, sour cream, shredded lettuce and tortilla chips.

I chose to put just what we needed into the bags instead of bringing entire containers of ingredients.  (I generally don’t think to empty the ice-chest until the next time we need to use it . . . so I didn’t want leftovers!)

I also packed up forks, napkins, and one quart sized bag per person.

At the game, I let people choose what they wanted in their tacos/taco-salads, and for the sake of messiness and Mama Sanity, I loaded up each bag.

I instructed that they crunch up their chips and smush around their bags until they achieved the consistency they liked.

Then, I loaded my own and declared that no one could have seconds until I had a moment of peace to enjoy mine!

And I DID enjoy it.  As my husband declared, “These are REALLY good.”

Taco salad is simple, but . . . having this as a real meal at the ballpark instead or nachos and popcorn just tasted so good.

Eating out of a plastic bag isn’t EASY easy . . . but I do believe it was simpler and more kid-proof than balancing plates on our knees.

Have you seen my other picnic ideas?

And here’s our menu for this week:

Monday – Sub Sandwiches (Last week’s game with this picnic was rained out.)

Tuesday – Chicken Parmesan Casserole

Wednesday- Eat at church

Thursday – Pizza Snowballs

Friday – Out to eat

Saturday – Grill out

I’ll be linking this up over at Menu Plan Monday.



  1. We call those “walking tacos” at the racetracks in central texas :-) so yummy!

  2. Beth H. says:

    Us Girl Scouts call ‘em Walking Tacos too! :) Also, my Boy Scouts will make them with the personal-sized bagged Doritos…..yummy!

  3. I have got to try this! My son will love it!

  4. My mom just told me about taco salads in a bag but I didn’t quite get what she was talking about. I bet this is it. That’s a great idea!

  5. Can you eat ground beef cold like that? I’d be afraid of getting food poisoning.

    • Oh no! I cooked it just before we left and put it in the insulated portion of our carrier so it was still hot when we ate it.

  6. Nony,
    How creative! No mess. Loving the picnic series. Now only if I could get motivated enough to go outside.


  7. At our 4-H fair I’ve seen these served in paper cups… seems like that would be a little bit easier way to eat it. I guess you’d have to crush the doritoes before you put them in :)

    • Yes, as we were eating them again last night, I thought there must be an easier way to eat them! I think someone suggested putting the bag inside a cup.

  8. Came over from pinterest. Never heard of these and absolutely LOVE the idea! Thanks for sharing.

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