Why Did We Still Have That?

As you know, I’m having a garage sale soon.  Hopefully this Saturday.

One good reason to have a garage sale is that it helps me look at my house in a different way.  I suddenly see things that have long been invisible.

Like this LeapFrog fridge set.  My fridge has been covered in those letters for YEARS.

Not just 26 letters, either.  I actually had the letters from two sets.

Huge amounts of letters stuck on my fridge . . . . that no one ever played with.  As evidenced by the fact that the main part of the toy was stuck way up high where no one who would play with it could.

And really, it’s been months since even our youngest would have any use for the three-letter-word-creator.

Hopefully, the toy will go to a family who will use it.

Regardless of that nice-and-noble thought, my fridge is much less cluttered without the huge mass of letter-magnets-that-aren’t-strong-enough-to-be-useful-as-magnets-and-constantly-fall-on-the-floor-and-are-really-rather-slippery-when-you-step-on-them.




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