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The Basics are How It’s Done

The Basics are How It's Done - A Slob Comes Clean


I’m not perfect.

That’s pretty obvious, right?

Last week, with one day spent at the zoo, two days devoted to prepping for my first speaking engagement, one day out of the house for Bible Study, and the final day of the five-day week spent frantically working on blog stuff . . . . the house got a little crazy.  (See how I make it sound like it’s the house’s fault?)

Then, Saturday morning . . . I woke up at 5:30, showered and tried to look pretty, woke up the kids, got them into their basketball/cheer uniforms and dropped them off at 7:00 a.m. with Hubby at work.  (He doesn’t usually work on Saturdays . . . but it was that kind of weekend.)

Yes, I’m kind of whining, but mostly I’m making a point.

No matter how busy life gets, no matter which phase of life I’m in, or which tunnel-vision-project is currently causing me to obsess . . . there are certain basics that have to be done.

Not that I get them all done all the time. But even half-doing them is better than not doing them.

My Daily Checklist, even the one in my memory (which is significantly shorter than the one on paper), is a lifesaver.

And over the past two months of e-book writing and promoting craziness, I’ve experience both the relief of having things under control because I made sure the basics got done, and the stress of not having done the basics for a few days.

My point?  The basics are the basics.  Whether or not they’re fun.

And . . . it doesn’t get more basic than my e-book, 28 Days to Hope for Your Home.

AND . . . I’m running a Sale-within-a-Sale through the end of February! That’s just two more days.  With the code HOPE, all you procrastinators can grab the book for only 2.00!!!

Which is probably a bad thing for me to do because it rewards the procrastinators . . . but I really want to get those “I sold ____ copies in the first month!” numbers up as high as possible!

So really, now you have no excuse to not get a copy.  It really is a fun read (if I do say so myself) and will guide you through 28 Days of developing the basic housekeeping habits that you truly can’t live without.

Here’s a short video (less than one minute!) about the book! (If you’re an email subscriber, click through to see the video.)

Now click the image below and go purchase the book for only 2.00 (75% off) by using the code HOPE.

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