Getting From Cleaning Day to Party Day (Without Losing My Mind)

Speaking from experience, slobs tend to be procrastinators.

Sometimes, with good reason.  When it comes to cleaning house, we know how things go.

“The house is clean?  Woo-hoo!!!  I love it like this!!  I’m going to keep it this way forEVer!!”

“Ummmm, what just happened?”

“It’s like  . . . I blinked . . . and the disaster is back . . . .”

So we procrastinate.  Procrastination is self-protection.  I mean . . . really . . . why would I clean NOW when I know it will just be a disaster again in two days?  I have to wait until the day before the party.

Since December is the time when I’d like to be able to have some impromptu gatherings without losing my mind, I’ve decided to focus this month on what I know can prevent this classic Slob Excuse. And really, it even prevents the NEED for a big huge cleaning day.

My daily checklist.

Seriously, it’s like magic. I know it’s magic . . . but I still get off track when life gets crazy, and I forget all about it.  Sooo . . . during this month when crazy takes on a Whole New Meaning . . .  my goal is to make a point of going through my checklist, paper in hand . . . Daily in December.

Daily in December.

Catchy, right?  Yep, right here before the whole entire internet I’m committing to this.  And I’m going to report every single day in my posts about how it’s going.  I’ll also post on facebook, so you can join in with your own Daily Checklist in comments here on the blog or over there.  And if you’re a twitter gal, use the hashtag #dailyindecember so I can see your progress!

I know from experience that our home will experience more of that much-coveted Christmas peace if I will do this.

Anybody else in?


What’s that?  Oh.  You’re wondering about the first day’s report?  Look at the date on the post.  Technically . . . I’m posting this while it’s still November.  Sooooo, come back tomorrow for the first Daily in December report.  Yep, I’m mature like that. 

Oh, and if you’re eagerly awaiting the Monthly Decluttering Update link-up, I’m planning to post that next Monday since the first day of the month falls in the middle of this series.


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    Congratulations! You’ve been given The Versatile Blogger Award over at Livin’ In Duckville. You can read more about this at

  2. 2

    I love the idea of a daily checklist. I have been working on something similar. I was thinking more of a routine or a schedule, but I really like the idea of just having to check things off everyday.

    Thank you for such a great idea.

  3. 3

    You know, I fell in love with you blog because of your daily checklist. I am happy it’s coming back! I should do this, too.

  4. 4

    Hey there. I am so glad that you are bring this back. I have also been following a daily checklist and lately I haven’t been following it as dilegently as I should. As a result, been feeling a little overwhelmed on how much I have to do. Which then leads me to a panic….ahhhh. Anyway, been trying to do it today and I have had some success….oh I love my gold stars! lol

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