Earning While Cleaning . . .

Ever wondered how you could make toilet-cleaning profitable?

I mentioned a while back that a woman at my church went crazy when she saw my Swagbucks t-shirt.  She LOVES Swagbucks, and earns TONS of Amazon gift cards from them.  (Not literal tons, of course . . . since the “gift cards” are sent by email.)

I was intrigued because I had only ever earned Swagbucks through internet searches.  She takes advantage of the games, videos, surveys and such on the Swagbucks site to earn as many as she can each and every day.

Recently, Hal emailed specifically about SwagTV, which is one of the ways she earns.  Who’s Hal?  Why, he’s a real-live person who works for Swagbucks and rocks at Karaoke.  I know.  I met him last summer.  Anyway, here’s some info.

According to Hal, here’s the basic rundown of how it works:

- Choose something to watch from the thousands of videos available in categories like Entertainment, Food, Fashion & Beauty and Homes & Gardens – each channel features content from different providers and can educate and entertain you while you earn.
- As you watch videos, the SBTV meter at the top right of the screen fills up – when it reaches 100% after every 10 videos, you earn 3 Swag Bucks, with an overall cap of 150 Swag Bucks each day.
- You can share the videos with friends, and the link you send is referral enabled, which means it also serves as a way to get new referrals to Swagbucks!
Did you get that?  Up to 150 Swagbucks a day for watching videos. I can’t imagine watching that many, but if you did . . . you could earn a whole lot of Swagbucks . . . which can be redeemed for Amazon giftcards, Paypal, prizes, etc.  This will be the second year when we’re paying for a big chunk of our Christmas this way!
AND . . . their big Holiday Promo is now underway!  If you don’t yet have a Swagbucks account, this is a great time to sign up.  Use the code SBPAYSFORME to get an extra 80 swagbucks ONLY when applied during the registration process.  That means you start out with 110 swagbucks, and are well on your way to your first Amazon giftcard!  To learn how to earn swagbucks with zero effort just through searching the internet, you can read my explanation here.
Oh, you’re wondering when in the world you would have time to watch SBTV?
How about . . .
While doing the dishes?
Or . . .
While dusting?
Or even . . .
While cleaning the toilet?
(Please note that the very clean house in the pictures isn’t mine, but the referral links are.)


  1. Cute post!

  2. Love Swagbucks! You make me smile with every post. :) <-See me smiling?

  3. Nony,
    Where is the pink shirt and hippy helmet…?

  4. I’m under the impression the 150 SB for the sbtv is only until the end of the year, then it goes back to a cap of 75 a day, no? Still, it is indeed an easy way to earn. :)

  5. I love swagbucks, but I’ve only earned them for searches so far. I’ll have to try the videos, especially if it motivates me to clean the toilet :)

  6. Thanks for this post! I have a video on now in a separate window on mute. Every couple minutes I click over and put a new one on. I’m still getting my credit and I’m not even looking at it. :)

  7. Nony, you seriously crack me up!

    And I have never been able to get the hang of Swagbucks…. I keep hearing about people buying lots of great thinks using money they have earned via Swagbucks. Guess I am going to have to really get after it.

  8. I do what Lindsey said – I click the SBTV button on my Swagbucks toolbar, and a little viewer pops up. I slide it over as far as possible to the side, and every few minutes I check to see if the video is done yet. I even use it while watching tv shows online because I can turn the volume down on SBTV separately.

  9. Ditto what Lindsey and Jen said.

  10. You crack me up, and often! I like swagbucks, too, but didnt know about the video thing… that’s way cool!

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