The One In One Out Rule – It’s a Detail

I got a new travel mug this week.

A really cute purple and white one.

I brought it home, washed it, and put it immediately in the coffee-mug cabinet.  All in the same day. For me, an accomplishment.  I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve found cutesy stuff in a bag three months after I got it.

Anyway, after closing the cabinet door (ironic in itself, I know), I realized that I should follow the One In One Out Rule that I only finally understood about a year after I began my deslobification process.

If you get something you didn’t NEED, but that you do want to keep . . . get rid of a similar item that you already have.  The goal is to keep from collecting too much stuff.

So . . . I got rid of another travel mug.  One that hasn’t had a lid in who-knows-how-long and therefore hasn’t been used in forever.

One that I should have thrown out a very long time ago.

Whatever.  Now it’s gone.

And that’s my detail for the day.  See what my 31 Days of Details Series is all about.



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  1. Well done!

  2. Yay you!

  3. I just did this like five minutes ago…bought a new shirt, came home and couldn’t find a hanger, decided I should just empty one and use it. Got rid of a shirt with a stain that I haven’t worn in a year. :)

    It works…..LOVE your purple coffee mug.

  4. I need to do that very same thing. I just never think about it until you blog about it. :)

  5. Good job!

  6. Brittani A. says:

    Sometimes all it takes is knowing you deserve cups with lids to see its time to let go. Cute purple cup!

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