Rearranging for Functionality

Rearranging for Functionality - A Slob Comes Clean

Once upon a time, I posted about clearing the floor of my walk-in closet.  It was a big deal to me, and after weeks/months/who-knows-how-long of doing major bodily contortions to get to my clothes, I was happy about it.

I shared my progress, got the usual understanding and supportive comments, and enjoyed re-discovering my wardrobe the next morning.

Then, I started to notice site traffic coming in from a forum.  I love these kinds of hits.  They mean that someone has posted a link to my site.  Most of the time, when I follow the link, I can’t see anything because it’s a private forum where I’m not a member.  Sometimes, though, I get to peek in on what is being said about me.

Usually that’s fun.

This time it was not.  Someone who was obviously a kindred spirit had posted a link to my homepage and said something like “if you need inspiration.”

That part made me smile.

But then, I started seeing the responses.  Because the top post on that day happened to be the clearing-the-floor-is-a-job-in-itself one, but somehow they thought they were clicking over to a how-to-be-perfect organizing site, their shock was evident.

Evident through them saying things like, “She calls that organized?”  (which I didn’t) and “Wow, now I feel better about my house, that’s horrendous!”  (Glad I could help).

It’s part of blogging to have this stuff happen, and I get that.  No one left a rude comment on the post, so they weren’t bad people, I just happened in on a private conversation that wasn’t really private.

At first, I was hurt, but I got over it.  I then had a renewed passion to provide a safe place, a consistently safe place, where people could come and realize it’s okay to celebrate small victories like a cleared floor even though the rest of the closet is scary.

A place where people who aren’t naturally organized can talk about organization without feeling like an idiot.

All that to say . . . don’t mess with my husband.


With the craziness of this week, I decided to edit and post a webisode that I recorded a while back . . . of my husband.  It makes me smile the entire way through.

Here’s how it happened.  I took the boys to a birthday party while he stayed home with our sick daughter.  When I returned home, he was working in his closet.  I asked, “Do you want to make a webisode?”

He said, “Ummm, yeah!”

We had so much fun making this, and he did a great job of rearranging his closet so he could actually walk into it and get to the things he needs.

Functionality was his goal. Not organizational perfection.  Got that? Because it’s one thing to put myself out there for criticism, but it’s another thing to put my husband out there.

Not that any of you, my wonderful and understanding readers, would be rude, but I’m just gun-shy because it’s so similar to my own I Can Finally Walk Into My Walk-In Closet post.

Re-arranging is a detail.  I often have to remind myself that it’s a worthy detail.  Disaster areas become disaster areas when I let myself believe that it’s not worth doing anything unless I have the time to do it all.


I’m really sorry I don’t have before/after still shots for those of you can’t watch the webisode.  Just know that he moved around the boxes and trunks and bags, and got rid of a few things like magic rope, and now he can get to his sock drawer.

And that he’s funny.  In a dry-humor-great-straight-man-for-Nony kind of way.

Oh, and I’m not wearing my pink shirt in this because it got throw-up on it the night before.

If you can’t see the video, click here to watch it on youtube.


I’m linking this up to’s 52 Weeks of Organizing.  Even though it’s really re-arranging.



  1. 1

    OMG, I loved this webasode! Your hubby is as funny as you are,what a great couple you make. I honestly laughed through the whole video 😀

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. 2

    Awesome webisode!!! Funniest yet! Your hubby is such a great sport to play along!!! Love the chocolate in the closet too!! But I am with you on that -Monday it might accidentally fall into the garbage!

    Thanks for sharing

  3. 4

    Love the clown tie and totally get the importance! We have Sylvester and Tweety in our closet, preschool father’s day gift I think. Some of those things are very important, even if used infrequently. I think we also have a flamingo marionette puppet on strings in a tangled heap on our closet floor. Why? I don’t know. Think I’ll have my husband watch this video!

  4. 5

    Way too cute! And sorry but those people you were talking about are so missing the point.

  5. 6

    You guys are so funny and cute! I loved this.

  6. 7

    You two are adorable! I hope you EAT the chocolate…I was waiting for him to say he was hiding it in his closet (not that I’d know anything about THAT!).

    This quote rang especially true for me, “Disaster areas become disaster areas when I let myself believe that it’s not worth doing anything unless I have the time to do it all. Perfectly.” THANK YOU for the reminder. I’m not there yet. :/

  7. 8

    The Mr. is funny!! Just getting the floor cleared IS a big deal. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Maybe you can convice him to declutter half of the closet shelves next week? 😉 Another webisode, right there! Way to go Mr. Nony!! Great job!

  8. 9

    fun, fun, fun! what a great guy you have there!
    thank you both for showing how this de-slobification is inspirational and contagious.
    about those forum comments — if they only knew how many of us not-so-normal people are out there! sad that people are so quick to jump to conclusions and totally miss the point.
    Keep on doing what you are doing-you are ministering to many of us!

  9. 10

    “I’m probably gonna do the power lifting thing before I become a magician.” made my week!

    Thanks Nony couple!

  10. 11

    oh blah for the people who doesnt understand…. Dont let them get you down. I love you and many people do!! this is a great video… even with the clown tie 😉

  11. 12

    YAY Mr. Nony! Great job there! I’m glad you kept the sentimental clown tie and I think I would’ve kept the magic rope too but, alas , that is why I’m in the same boat. De-cluttering is soooo hard!!!! But rearranging, I think I can handle. Your closet floor looks great. Thanks for the inspiration.

    We, germophobes, must stick together. May I send you a new pink shirt so that you can just throw the old one away and not have to spread the contagion around? HA-HA (sort of ) Seriously, after I wash the items belonging to a sick family member – I either run an empty load on hot with bleach through the washing machine and/or wipe down the inside of the machine with a sanitizing wipe. Not very energy efficient, I know, but it gives me great peace of mind to think that I’m preventing the other family members from catching the illness. Wish I had a microbiologist for a BFF so they could tell me if this does any good at all.

    Thanks for the fun webisode. You and the Mr. complement each other very well. I hope that you and your family are all well now and stay healthy! Have a great weekend!

  12. 13

    Keep, keepin’ it real Nony! Since you don’t do it for those folks that don’t, can’t or won’t understand, just let their opinions go. Those that can relate find value and fun in what you share!

  13. 14

    Thanks for a funny video (and kudos for your hubby for being such a good sport!) and having a place where we can come without needy to be perfect declutterers!! It’s so much more encouraging to have you be transparent and real instead of listening to someone who was “born organized” look down and judge when we’re trying to do this organizing thing bit by bit!! Thanks for sharing your stories!!! Keep ’em coming!!!

  14. 15
    Amanda A. says:

    Those people who were having that conversation really didn’t get the point of your blog. I love that there is a place that showcases my house and my organization style only in a different state. Thanks for having this safe place for us.
    Your husband is so funny. I laughed through the whole clip. It is amazing how you feel when you have the floor space finally cleared. I know I feel like I have accomplished so much. Thanks for your blog.

  15. 16

    All I know is I was ecstatic to find your blog, because now I know I’m not alone. No matter how hard I try or what system I attempt, I can not stay organized or even mostly clean. Not even the Fly Lady could help me. I have been tempted to begin my own deslobification journey because of you, and blog about it, but I lack follow through ~ lol. So now I just read, admire, and give thanks that you put yourself out there to represent people like me.

  16. 17

    Nony – Don’t worry about the criticism. Continue to do what is best for you. Organizational experts will say to develop a system that works for you. In my slob brain, it means that it doesn’t have to be perfectly organized with cute little organizational tools. It just means that it has to work for me and make me feel happy. You’re doing a great job so far, even with the setbacks. I always say that only one perfect person walked this Earth and that is Jesus Christ, so don’t expect yourself or anyone else to be perfect. You’re wonderful just the way you are.

  17. 18

    Nony, I haven’t yet watch the webisode but felt compelled to add my comments to the others who wish to encourage you to let the unintentionally hurtful comments fade from memory. It was such a blessing to find your blog from the 31 Day series and to another slob-brain like me it is amazing to find other kindred spirits. You HAVE made this a safe little place and you really DO encourage me to keep on tacking details one at a time and not lamenting over the bigger picture of normalness failure.

    Going to watch the video now, put soap in the dishwasher, run it and go to bed. Another day, another detail.


  18. 19

    I thought he did a great job! That he did it on his own was very impressive. I can see that you two really are a great pair.

  19. 20

    That is so cute! I love your blog because it’s so real. Yes, I love all of those pretty, perfect, matching solutions that some people can come up with, but in our house it’s enough of a struggle just to find places to put things on a very tight budget, let alone then make them visually appealing!

    We’re making baby steps, and making things work for us, and while we are a long, looooooong way from perfect, I’m happy to just clear out things like an entire box of sheets of newspaper from the spare room-turned office (what the heck did we keep a box of newspaper for?!). Every little bit helps!

  20. 21

    As for opinions on boards and such, remember that opinions are like….bellybuttons. Everybody’s got one. I just defriended a random facebook friend who I didn’t know personally bec their opion was so…..opinionated. Lol. Love your blog :). Trying to do my own personal 30 day thing bc you inspired me.

  21. 22

    You and your hubby are so cute! I think if we lived by each other, we would be great friends! Keep up your posts. I love them and they make me feel happy, motivated, and uplifted. Don’t let the opinions of those that hurt you, get you down. Forgive and forget is what I would try to do! <3

  22. 23
    Shannon L says:

    Nony, you are awesome! You’ve provided a safe place for us “slob-brains” to openly discuss our issues and victories. I love it when you ask on facebook “what have you accomplished?” Folding a 2’x 4’x 4′ pile of laundry would confuse others. But us “slob-brains” would understand because we have most likely done the same thing. I love the fact that you are completely honest, and that we can see ourselves in you. We love for your successes and your failures. You have inspired me to work on my house when I felt like it was hopeless. I can never repay you for the inspiration you have given me.

    Mr. Nony is awesome too. He played along when most guys wouldn’t. And I love the big, clown tie.

  23. 24

    I enjoy you because I also celebrate a cleared floor even if the rest of the closet is scary! You keep it up and don’t listen to the rest. I happened on a blog recently which showed a redone pantry and went on and on about the bins being white and not matching the steel shelves but would have to do for now . . . . Can you say obsessive/compulsive, Mrs. Monk? I was tempted but did not leave a sneery message there; I thought I shouldn’t spoil her enjoyment.

  24. 25

    You are changing my life!
    Just running the dishwasher every night is a BIG help.
    Thank you for sharing! Your are a Blessing in my life.
    When God was handing out organizational skills….
    I was in the hallway getting a recipe.
    Don’t listen to negative people!!!!
    They will be in the boring section in Heaven…
    a section you would NEVER be in!
    Carry on!!!

  25. 26

    So glad to FINALLY get to see what Mr. Nony looks like!!! 🙂 Awesome.

  26. 27

    I just found your site! recommended to me by my friend who is only slightly less slobbier than me! I LOVE the fact that your organized photos are more like mine! still not perfect, but doable! and normal!!!!! thanks! love it!

  27. 28

    Amen to the safe place. I can relate to the contortions to get to my clothes part!

  28. 29

    Ps: From another of my favorite blogs — Remember, Martha Stewart has no children and a team of staff that makes her every whim a reality.

    The blog URL i can’t remember but if you scroll down on my blog you’ll find a post about a reasonably clean house that links to it.

  29. 30

    I love your blog, it really speaks to my heart 🙂 I like to think I’m clean and organized, but then I wake up and actually have to do the cleaning and suddenly it isn’t such a high priority 😛

    Blogging can be so scary because of unkind comments from random strangers, so good for you for not getting discouraged by insensitive random strangers!

  30. 31

    Just wanted to add my voice to the supportive comments above. I bless the day I found your blog. You’re doing a great job, Nony, and thank you for it.

  31. 32

    Funniest episode yet, Such a good sport 🙂

  32. 33

    You guys are too cute. Thank you for posting this video. Your hubby is such a good sport to play along, and to reorganize on his own.

    Please keep the great posts coming. You have inspired me to get busy numerous times. I struggle with the idea that things must be done completely and perfectly to be worth it, and I am slowly learning that it doesn’t have to be that way.

  33. 35

    WOOHOO to a clean floor!!!!! You so funny and so is your Mister. Baylor I see … were you a Bow Head?? Luv your videos and encouragement!!!

  34. 36

    First- that was hilarious! I’m not a big laugher (which is weird to say, as well as not a word) but I definitely laughed.

    And also, don’t let the negativity get you down! This is the first blog I’ve come across that has actually helped me. Most other organization/cleaning blogs leave me in tears, asking “what’s the point anyway?” They are so, so, so far from attainable. I’ve been making baby steps and changing my thinking and actually making progress for the first time in my life and it’s all thanks to you and your honesty.

  35. 38

    Just watched this. You and Mr. Nony are so hysterical!! This is my first webisode, cuz my hubs is always watching /tv, and doesn’t want extra noise. /but he was out walking the grandbaby. Your voice is just like I imagined it, musical and sweet. You and he really seem like a match made in heaven. God bless you, and your whole family. This really is a ministry, reaching out to the hurting and giving us hope. A clean house isn’t as important as our eternal salvation, but it IS important for a good family life, and less stressed mama. Thank you so much for showing us, the painful, but very real process, so we know we can obtain it too! You are our wilderness guide. Those disparaging women are missing out on the huge blessing of knowing you!! We love you Nony. PLEASE keep on!

  36. 39
    Mary-Margaret says:

    “I then had a renewed passion to provide a safe place, a consistently safe place, where people could come and realize it’s okay to celebrate small victories like a cleared floor even though the rest of the closet is scary. A place where people who aren’t naturally organized can talk about organization without feeling like an idiot.”

    THIS is why I keep reading your blog. I always leave encouraged and never feel put down. Thanks for being realistic in your posts and vulnerable with your life!

  37. 40

    It looks like your Hubby is wearing a Baylor University shirt! I live in Texas and lots of my friends are Baylor fans. Love your site, you give me hope!

  38. 41

    I loved this! Isn’t it amazing how God gives us men that are perfectly suited to us. If I ever made a webisode with my husband, I think it would be similar to this. He is the perfect balance to my crazy! So adorable!

  39. 42

    Felt the urge to comment. Main reason was re the disparaging comments on the forum. I feel for whoever posted the link to your site. Being a slob is discouraging enough without having people ridicule you. Really thank you for the safe space (which I am glad is still going and I plan to eventually be current with).

    Re webisode: they make light sabre remotes? I am a nerd where friends knit a scarf with a Tardis as a birthday present.

    Also I really like how protective you are of your family.

  40. 43

    I just want to say that I appreciate you so much. Going through life as a slob is more difficult than people realize and add a chronic illness on top of that and a husband who wants a perfect house, it’s down right depressing. Knowing that I’m not the only one has saved my sanity. ♡ Much love to you and your adorable family.

  41. 44
    Trouble OHara says:

    I am going to quote something that I read recently that reminds me of this situation and helps my thinking process about decluttering, cleaning and organizing” Sometimes my quest for PERFECT gets in my way of BETTER.

    I can’t do PERFECT, it will stop me before I even get started. But even I can do BETTER!

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