Re-Decluttering the Linen Closet (Includes Webisode #2!)

That’s my linen closet.  Even with the door shut, my slob-problems make themselves known.

But comparatively, that’s nothing.  Nothing compared to the open-the-door-and-let-the-world-see shot.

Blankets are my excuse.

The last time I decluttered this same-exact-space, the blankets were moved to a different storage space.  Obviously, that storage space didn’t work.  I was good at putting them there, just not putting them BACK there.

Go figure.

I started by pulling all of those blankety-blank blankets out.

Behind them, never to be found in a hurry, were the sheets.  I purged a few pieces here and there, such as the single quilted pillow cover that doesn’t match anything we have ever had, but which I had kept for years.  And various other sheet sets for bed-sizes that we no longer have.

Though my towels were mostly still folded due to my works-better-for-me rolling-rather-than-folding technique, many . . . many washcloths were found randomly strewn throughout the closet.

I found two un-pretty storage baskets in the garage and gave the extra pillow-cases and washcloths their own contained home. I’m going to see if that works before I run out and buy something pretty.

I found an unused laundry basket and stacked the folded blankets in it at the bottom of the closet.  There isn’t room for these blankets on the shelves, but obviously . . . we shove them in this closet.  So now they have a basket to be shoved carefully placed into.

Why fight it?

And here’s the finished project.

Re-decluttering is irritating. Pre-blog, I resisted it because I knew it wasn’t going to work.  I wanted to clean up a space and be done with it!  And honestly, I felt like a failure because the last time didn’t work.

Through this deslobification process, I’ve learned that re-decluttering is just what I have to do.  I’m pretty sure even normal people have to.   As someone who overdoes most things, I just have to do it more.

Way more.

But even if this isn’t the time that “takes” as an organizational system, we’re enjoying our usable linen closet right now.

And that feels good.

And . . . this linen closet is also the subject of my latest Webisode!  In it, I show the methods for “folding” sheets and towels that work for me.

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  1. I find that I have to re-declutter a lot of things every 3-6 months, but it’s always easier doing it every few months rather than every few years :)

  2. I love your blog! It is refreshing to see someone who as organizationally challenged as I am. Thank you! You have no idea how much these help me. :)

  3. I’m inspired!!! My linen cupboard is desperately in need of de-cluttering too. I’m determined to do it!!!

  4. Nony, great job on Webisode #2!!

    Last weekend we did the garage sale thing…. and I got rid of tons of stuff (selling it & the rest either went to the Salvation Army or the dump). This week I’ve already started a box to go to the Salvation Army. From now on, only one box at a time – never again to ‘save up’ for a garage sale! Woo Hoo!!

    I started in my bathroom (only because we just had a walk in shower installed) and got rid of 1 garbage bag of stuff & put a bunch in the donate box. The bathroom was my very first project when I started decluttering back this past winter.

    How can it be that I have a WHOLE garbage bag to get rid of? I think it’s like you said – re-decluttering. I think it’s going to be easier to detach & learn to toss what the ‘normal’ people as we keep repeating that PROCESS (Laura from OrgJunkie talks about).

    Don’t be too hard on yourself. Patsy Clairmont says it best: “Normal is just a setting on your dryer”!

  5. toss *like the ‘normal’ people

  6. That looks exactly like my linen closet with the contents peeking out under the door! It is so embarassing! Even more embarassing is that there are 5 shelves in the closet. 3 sit empty while all our sheets, towels, etc, are crammed into the other 2 shelves. What am I thinking?! It’s on the declutter list for today! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. I actually threw out everything in my linen closet. A little radical, I know, but it has been wonderful! If it was not on a bed, I figured I didn’t need it. Now, once a week, I pull all the linens off all the beds, wash them and put them right back on the beds. No linen closet needed. It freed up a ton of space and I never have to fold another fitted sheet again. Heaven!

  8. I agree with you. Re-decluttering is absolutely a word even though spell check doesn’t want me to write it. I dare say if I took current pictures of the places I have already organized and posted on Org Junkie, I would blush.
    I do think it’s easier the second time of decluttering though, do you?

  9. The linen closet is the worst! I had it perfect earlier this year but it seems like more things always find their way in…

  10. Sustainability is always the hard part of any organizational project. I think if you ask most people we are always going back to the spaces we’ve already organized unless we can find a simple way to keep it sustainable. That’s what I’m hoping I’ve done with my laundry room. Your closet looks great! If you only use the blankets occassionally have you thought about those space saving bags? They would save you some room, of course once you use them again you’d have to put them back in the bag :)

  11. I wish my husband and teenager would roll towels. I really think they would fit in the linen closet much easier if they would roll them. BUT….I’m grateful they fold them and put them away….usually.

    PS…your closet looks great! Keep it that way….at least until the next redecluttering.

  12. I watched your webisode and loved it! You are quite a funny gal and the webisode is another great way to express yourself. Keep it up!

    Yes, I have to tackle certain areas over and over. You’re no different than the rest of us.

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