Tunnel-Vision – (I Like It!)

I’ve had tunnel-vision lately.

It’s a good thing, and a bad thing.

Honestly, I like it.

In dealing with my Slob Problem, balance is my biggest challenge.  When my house is under control, my brain is free to be creative, and I can do small projects here and there more easily because I don’t have to clear a spot or dig around (as much) to find the things I need.

Small projects are great, but I love BIG projects.

Mind-consuming, energy-focusing, end-with-a-WOW-factor projects.

Those don’t really co-exist with a neat and orderly home.

Because when my brain gets completely consumed with a big project, my Slob Vision suffers a major flare-up and the house falls apart.

But thankfully, this no longer makes me throw my hands up in the air and decide (for the 59th time) that there’s just no point in trying to keep my house under control.

Not that it’s not frustrating to deal with feet that are sore from stepping on Barbies and Legos and tripping over folded-but-not-put-away TV trays.  It is.

But now, I know that 30 minutes of focus on my home will make what in my pre-blog-brain would have seemed hours of progress.  I know that once the project is over, I don’t have to hopelessly mourn my slob-problem and wish for Peter Walsh to randomly knock on my door.

I can get back to my Daily Checklist and my Weekly Tasks and soon I will no longer suffer from DPD.  (Doorbell Panic Disorder)

And since we’re talking about me and projects . . .

In case you’re wondering what my current crazy-idea project is, you should check out my new blog.  It’s really an experiment based on an idea I had while planning our trip to Disney World last month.  I was paranoid (shocker, I know) that if we used their Counter Service Dining Plan, we would eat chicken nuggets and cheeseburgers for seven days straight.  I could find lots of info on the food at the nice restaurants, but not very much about the Quick Service options.  Sooooo, I took pictures of everything we ate while there, and created a site that’s basically our Food Diary for our trip.  It’s called What We Ate with Mickey.

And that’s the kind of project I like.  One that’s big, fun, and over.  Meaning, there’s an end.

Not like housework.

Which is never, ever over.

You should go check out What We Ate with Mickey just for the fun of it, and tell your friends who are planning Disney trips about it.  I know I may be overly obsessive, but it’s exactly what I wished I could have found before we went.


  1. Rebekah from Simply Rebekah says:

    Congrats on your new blog! That is such a great idea. I’m very impressed with how you were able to see a need, fill it and then not have to do much updating! Looks great!

  2. I love your Disney blog! Seriously, that is an awesome idea. We have not gone to Disney, but we live fairly close. So many families at church have gone and most of them get the more expensive meal plan, believing that the quick service plan is MickeyD’s quality food. Thanks for the info and pics! You did a great job! :)

  3. Oh – I feel your pain with projects!! We are in the midst of a big – for us – project right now. I forget about the rest of the house until it shows up in pictures of our projects. Augh – will it ever get back under control!!??!!

    And thanks for the disney info. Wish I had seen it before youngest daughter went on her senior trip. We did the more expensive food plan for fear of the quality on the quick service plan. But I am bookmarking your blog for our trip there next year – Thanks!!

  4. Normal Friend says:

    Love the Mickey blog! I appreciate that you went in with a positive attitude and made the trip fun for your kids! You have lots of valuable information. We will probably go with the meal plan (counter service) when we go next June! Thanks!

  5. Cherish says:

    That was super cool! One of these days we’ll make it there and now I know what we’ll be eating. :-)

  6. Oh no!! The Disney blog is gone?!

    • Yes. It’s an e-book now! Came down to the fact that the website was losing me money, and an e-book can sit there and earn (even just a little) but not cost me anything.

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