Experiencing End-of-Summer Panic

It hit me last Friday that I had exactly one month until my youngest child started kindergarten.

As in . . . one month until things change.  Big time.  I’ll no longer be a mother of a pre-schooler and the nine-and-a-half-year period of my life that has included a little one by my side at all times . . . will be over.

Handling it well?  Not really.

Anyway, I have decided not to worry about my blog this month.  That doesn’t mean I won’t be posting (I actually have quite a few written posts that will be going up), just that I’m not going to worry about it if I need to skip a day of posting here and there.

If I have a post burning in my soul that will come out in a matter of minutes while the kids are still asleep . . . great.  If not, it can wait.

With that said, I have two giveaways coming up next week, so it’s worth checking in. If you use facebook, be sure you’ve “liked” my page there so you’ll see when posts go up.

And now for an awkward transition . . .

In case you’re starting to realize that the school year is coming up quickly, here are a few things to consider . . .

For the next four days, Vistaprint is offering a set of 140 free return address labels. You can also have them printed with just your child’s name, and they’re wonderful for labeling school supplies.  We like to use our last name only, so they can be used for all three kids.  ALL three who will be in school this year.


You can go here to design and order some.  Shipping starts at $3.03.

And while I’m peddling affiliate links, I’ll mention that in this last blast of summer, as we’re trying to make the most of family time, I’m loving using the deals I’ve gotten through sites like Groupon.  There are always great deals on family activities. We’re heading to a water-park later this week using a fantastic deal I got earlier in the summer.

Daily deals on the city’s best stuff only from Groupon. Restaurants, spas, events & more, 50%-90% off!

However, if you’re like us, and sometimes a day of cheap fun loses its value when you end up eating out on the way home, I recommend doing  a little research before you leave and grabbing a Restaurant.com gift certificate.

Restaurant.com Weekly Promo Offer 200 x 200

Just keep in mind that these are more like coupons than gift certificates.  The one I found that is nearby the waterpark has a 25$ gift certificate that is sold for 15$.  With the 80% off coupon code: SAVE, it’s only 3.00.  The fine print, though, states that you have to order 35$ in food, and that a 15% gratuity will be added.  This means that if we order right at 35$ worth of food, we’ll end up paying 14.75 at the restaurant. That’s after having spent 3.00 online paying for the gift certificate.  So, the 35.00 meal, including tip, will have cost us 17.75.  Not bad!


And yes, in case it wasn’t clear above, this post contains affiliate links.




  1. I know the feeling…. this will be the first year in 17 years that I will NOT have a child in elementary school. The Lego King will be in 6th grade (with me.. Mwaaahhhahaha) and The Princess will be in 11th grade.

    Sad, but exciting.

    Groupon, Restaurant.com… Love them!! We also have a local ‘coupon’ type site that has coupons for similar items.

    Have fun taking ‘time off’

  2. Isn’t it amazing how the beginning of the school year makes you realize how time has flown? For a mom of school-aged kids, it’s the real New Year!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am in the same situation here, half of summer I have been doing a class online while having my kids home with me. They have spent way too much time in front of the TV. I am booking some serious fun days next month, since I feel like I have wasted half of their holidays!

  4. Normal Friend says:

    I know you know that I hurt for you. I hurt for me too, because as with “Duckville”, this will be my last year with one in elementary school. And my oldest is in 10th grade. So next year, I will have one in Senior High School, driving, and one starting 6th grade. I wish I could tell you that it gets easier, but the first week of school every year is the saddest week of my life. I usually combat the depression by signing up for a ridiculous amount of volunteer activities at church and school to fill up my time. Then about November I wonder what I was thinking! But it is a good time to give the house a serious cleaning!! I’m praying for you.

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