Extra Touches or Just Part of the Job?

I’ve mentioned that I’m not a fan of change.  With change, there’s generally upheaval.  And busy-ness.

All of those things get my excuse-juices flowing.


I can come up with some doozies.  

As I made supper yesterday, shuffling pots and moving bags and generally rearranging clutter so I could have a space in which to work, I glanced in appreciation at the mostly-empty-except-for-a-few-items-with-logical-backstories sink.

I was proud that I had cleaned the kitchen.  (See, occasional-readers-who-think-I-must-have-horrible self-esteem . . . I really don’t.)

I thought to myself (or perhaps I said it aloud because that’s how I roll), “At least I’ve been cleaning the kitchen, I’m just not getting to those extra touches.”


Thankfully, my brain has changed quite a bit through this deslobification process, and I was able recognize my delusion.  


Sooooo, putting away the George Foreman grill that has been sitting out since it was used, ummm, weeks ago . . . is an extra touch?

Taking the graham crackers to the pantry and emptying the last bag of groceries?  Yep.  Extra touches.

Moving the oil to the shelf directly below or putting the Easter party notes on the fridge instead of on the counter where they become translucent due to spilled oil?


I think perhaps I should reserve the “extra touch” title for things like flowers in a vase or even a towel neatly hung.

I’m pretty sure these things are just part of finishing the job.



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    OMG,I simply MUST meet you at SBS. I swear, we are long lost sisters. Just because my kitchen doesn't look like Baghdad at the moment, doesn't meake it OK, either.

    Off to go empty the dishwasher & put away the dirty dishes from last night. You know….the extra touch for the day. 🙂

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    The most frustrating thing is losing a bag of frozen groceries because you didn't finish the job – argh!

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    This post (like a lot of your posts) had me laughing out loud and then I realized…….that could be MY kitchen! I was cooking supper, having to move things out of the way to get some counter space and I off handedly said, "it seems like I can clean up this kitchen turn around in a full circle and then the mess is back!" At which point my husband was just telling me that he thinks I have a split personallity "one that is entirely orginized and the other that thinks leaving (too many to list) something on the counter because I will "get right back to it" at which point I promptly forget about it! (yes he now in time out) 🙂 I feel your pain sista

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    Gidget, I know that pain well. These days it's very rarely a whole bag of them for me (I've had to train myself that I can only sit down after the cold stuff goes away, although the rest can wait). It's much more likely to be the one cold item the supermarket employee packed in with my cleaning products that I don't see. Usually after I grump about my raw meat being packed with processed meat. I figure a bit of dirt and low level germiness is good for my family's immune system but I draw the line at salmonella. Ok I'm OCD about how my groceries are packed.

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    ? “excuse-juices” !!!

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