Daily Checklist

Today I:

Made bed.

Emptied dishwasher.

Swept kitchen.

Cleaned kitchen.

Mopped kitchen.  (It’s Thursday.)

Made to-do list (at 5 a.m. in an attempt to be able to go back to sleep, since my mind was racing).

Hung up clothes in master bedroom.

Closed cabinet doors.

Checked bathrooms for clutter.

I’m so glad I made myself walk around the house, list in hand.  While checking for clutter in the kids’ bathroom, I saw the baseball uniforms in the hamper.  Each of the boys has another game tonight, and the uniforms HAD to be washed.  We’ve gone with “good enough” plenty of times before, but Tuesday night’s game was particularly dirty.  In addition to the muddy knees, one of the boys was privileged to have another player spill red Gatorade all over his lap.  Who ever had the bright idea for white to be the standard color for little boys baseball pants must never have been a parent. 



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    [email protected] says:

    Your baseball pants thought got me laughing!
    I think the person who decided baseball pants should be white was probably a parent who NEVER did the laundry:)

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