Daily Checklist – Adjusting My Slob-Thoughts

It’s a new week, and I’m very motivated to make some real progress. Last week was crazy, and pretty much nothing happened in my deslobification process.

And . . . my garage sale is coming! I’ve set a definite date and I have to do it then or I’ll be getting into the hot weather of June. I went to a sale once in August, around 9 a.m., and the lady was telling the people who came that EVERYTHING was 10 cents. Seriously. She was hot, and she just wanted stuff gone. At 9:00!

So, as I was thinking about all I’d love to accomplish today, guess what slob-thought went through my head?

“I’ve got to work in the garage . . . the kitchen will just have to wait.”

Grrrr. The kitchen wasn’t even that bad. I cleaned it up last night after our dinner with the in-laws, and all it needed was the normal post-breakfast dishwasher-loading, counter-clearing/wiping, and sweeping. Thankfully, I called myself on the idiocy of that thought, and cleaned up the kitchen anyway. It took all of about 10 minutes.

If I had given in to what used to be my normal way of thinking, the rest of the day’s kitchen mess would have been piled on top, and I would have felt even more justified making the same conscious kitchen-neglect decision tomorrow. And on and on through the week, until the kitchen was unusable and I had to spend an entire morning working in it.

And who has an entire morning for that when they’re getting ready to have a garage sale?

Also, today I’m working on laundry . . . since, you know, it’s Monday. I didn’t get the head start last night like I’ve been doing in past weeks, which is a little frustrating, but I’m determined to get it done.

Maybe, just maybe . . . with my new mindset, having a garage sale won’t mean that my house is a total disaster when it’s over.



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    Good for you! That willpower to just get it done now when you really want to go do something else… that is the key. Such a struggle sometimes! It’s too easy to put off the daily maintenance.

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