My Vacuum Cleaner’s New Frontier

It’s Friday . . . so I dusted and vacuumed.  In the past two months or so of this new Task-a-Day thing, I’ve developed a bit of a method for vacuuming my house.   Since all the main areas of the house have hardwood floors, I go through first with the broom and get the corners and edges swept out into the middle of the floor.  Then I can vacuum quickly and not have to try to shove the vacuum cleaner into tight spaces. 

I vacuumed the:

Dining Room.

Living Room.


Small hallways.


I automatically thought I was done.  But then I realized that I could actually vacuum my master bedroom.  The floor is clear(ish)! 

In the past, I’ve given it a good vacuuming when I finished a maniacal cleaning session, but the clutter generally reappeared quickly enough that it wasn’t a possibility the next time I had a random Vacuum Day. 

Sooo, Dust and Vacuum Day is going to take longer now . . . ummmm . . . great.  But that’s okay, I’m happy to have my presentable-unless-you-actually-enter-the-room-and-look-at-the-corner-by-my-side-of-the-bed master bedroom. 

Also today I:

Made bed.

Emptied dishwasher and cleaned kitchen.

Swept kitchen.

Did a whole-house pickup.

Ran a load of laundry.  With my new Laundry Day, I haven’t been doing any loads except on Mondays, and it’s working great.  However, an exception had to be made since we seem to have a child who has developed a strange habit of getting up to use the restroom in the middle of the night – completely asleep – and putting his underwear in the toilet.  Yes, underwear IN the toilet.  I can understand peeing in the hamper (don’t like it, but I do understand the possible sleep-reasoning) but I really have absolutely no idea what the sleep-logic here is.  And this is at least the THIRD time this has happened.  Oh the joys of parenthood. 

How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind is Coming in November!


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    You go girl!

  2. 2

    LOL at the underwear in the toilet thing, absolutely hilarious 🙂

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