Curing My Funk

Me and my moods.

I call this a funk. It’s not like I’m down or anything, I just don’t feel like doing anything. I’m tired, run-down, listless . . . maybe I need some Vitametavegamin?

It isn’t that anything is wrong. It’s a normal crazy Wednesday. I discovered while sitting in my discussion group at my Bible Study that I had finished last week’s half-done lesson instead of this week’s lesson. Leaving this week’s lesson . . . half done. I had a less-than-fun trip to the grocery store with my four year old daughter who seems to be suffering from post-birthday-delusions-of-control.

So as I wandered around the kitchen, feeling out of sorts and directionless, I picked up the broom. And then I proceeded to do that crazy thing called “what I’m supposed to do.”

I tidied the kitchen, which wasn’t too bad, putting away the clean pots and baking sheets that have been sitting next to the sink “drying” for the past two to three days. I did a general pick up, taking shoes to their spot, and decluttering the dining room table. I even made my bed, which I’ve done almost every morning since starting this blog, but didn’t today. A sure sign that today was going to be a Day of Funk.

And crazy me even put away the vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner that has been in the master bedroom since last week when I cleaned under my bed. It sat there all this time, including when it should have been used last Friday. I wound up the cord and lugged it to its home . . . EVEN THOUGH it will be pulled out again in less than 48 hours for Dust and Vacuum Day. My slob-brain resisted, but I did it.

The irony is that one of the ugh/blech/blah feelings I was having in my funk was that I had “nothing to write about.”

Well, there you go.


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