Standing on the Edge of the Cliff

It’s been one of those weeks.  One of those like we all have.  My house has been toward the bottom of the priority list. 

On Monday, I got all of our laundry done.  On Tuesday, I cleaned the bathrooms quickly since there was a school assembly to attend and a little boy to pick up for lunch on his “liquid diet” day.  On Wednesday, we spent most of the day at the hospital.  Yesterday was appointments all day long, and today we had another school assembly, basic necessity grocery shopping and friends over for the day.

And then, there’s the kitchen sink.  No, that’s not a symbolic reference, it’s really the kitchen sink.  My husband has changed the doo-lally in the faucet probably 10 times in the four years we’ve lived here.  It does fine for a while, and then after a while, starts leaking again.  Lately, it’s been really bad.  So, we’ve been turning off the hot water at night, in an effort to conserve a little water and not drive us batty.  Yesterday, I was trying to catch up on dishes, which I’ve been doing okay with this week but I was completely off my run-at-night-empty-in-the-morning rhythm. 

Did you know that the dishwasher runs only on the hotwater side of the faucet?  Did you know that if the hot water is turned off, it’ll do the run, but with no water.  If you can’t believe someone would be so scatterbrained to not realize that the hot water was turned off, or that there should probably be the sound of water swooshing around while the washer was going, you probably haven’t ever read my blog before.  Give me stress and exhaustion and my scatter-brain-ed-ness increases quite a bit. 

So I ran it again last night, emptied it this morning, and then (here’s where I start laughing as I talk) my sweet hubby took the handle off of the faucet to take to the plumbing place to be sure he got the correct part to fix it (laughing a little more now). And so I can’t even use my sink because if you turn on the cold water, it for some reason spews out of the hole where the hot water handle was (laughing hysterically now). 

Now, as I tell this story, picture the crazy look in my eyes that kind of scares you a little.  I mean, really, it’s like taking an alcoholic on a tour of the wine country where there’s free samples at every stop.  Excuses galore!!!

I can find excuses on a week when everything is smooth sailing, but give me a week like this, and I can go days without ever even considering washing a dish.  I can go until there isn’t a single clean dish in the house.  But even though things have been crazy, I’ve been doing the basics, the things that are actually becoming habits.  The dishes, although not in the right rhythm, have been done.  I even put them in the dishwasher today . . . . without RINSING of course! 

This morning as I had just a few minutes before our friends arrived, I swept the kitchen and picked up some dirty clothes and wiped down the kitchen table (wetting the rag in the bathroom sink). 

And although it has been a crazy week, my house isn’t a complete wreck.  It’s far from perfect, but for me, it’s pretty good.

Maybe one day I’ll be one of those people who cleans when they’re stressed. 

I doubt it, but maybe. 


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